i can't copy or move files from internal hdd to external hdd why?

ok i have serveral large files that i would like to transfer from my cpu to my external drive...but windows says the file is too large clean up disk space???the western digital external drive has 300 gb of free space?!the files are no larger than 6-8 gb big.also tried my ipod and it said the samething.help plz!
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  1. Are you saying any file it self is larger then 4 gigs? if that is the case, you will have to convert the drive to the NTFS file system as the FAT32 system has a limit on max file size per file.

    If that's not the case, try to run a error scan on the disk and do not use system restore on external drives as it eats space for nothing(but that should show up as missing anyway.).
  2. no it just started doing this?it wasnt doing this a few weeks ago?how do i do a error scan?
  3. Google run chkdsk/f
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