No sound from GA-73PVM-S2H (Realtek ALC889A)

Greetings to all,

I'm getting pretty desperate with a new system with Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H mobo. I installed Windows XP Pro with SP3, installed all the drivers from the included CD, and even updated the Realtek driver from Realtek website, but I can't get any sound out of the system. For some reason, the system doesn't recognize the onboard sound chip (Realtek ALC889A). When I try to play a media file, I get 'no sound device, or the sound device is not configured properly'. I checked 'sound and audio devices' on the control panel - says 'no audio device'. Also, no sound device listed under the device manager. It does list an unrecognized PCI device (couldn't find any drivers for it using the Windows wizard), but could it possibly be the onboard sound codec? I'm sure I don't have any PCI cards installed, neither a sound nor a video card. I'm also pretty sure I've installed all the necessary drivers. It's really puzzling, and I don't have the slightest idea what might be the problem, let alone how to solve it. Any help will be much appreciated.
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  1. check Bios make sure On Board sound is enabled
  2. I did that. No result. I did manage to fix the problem partially: googled it and found a Microsoft hotfix KB835221, and immediately after installing it Windows did recognize the Realtek codec. So now I can get sound out of the system, but strangely, no sound when playing CDs with Winamp (Windows Media Player plays them fine, but I'd rather not use it). Also, now the device manager shows an unworking "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus", and I couldn't get any drivers for it. Any ideas?
  3. Suggest you check out the Gigabyte FAQs for the GA-G33M-S2 as this board uses the realtek ALC889A as well and there is a fix there for no sound.
  4. forgot to mention SP3 dosen't seem to support the Microsoft UAA HD driver but does with SP2
  5. Check that the HD sound connector or Azalia connector is plugged in on the motherbord (for front audio). The Gigabyte´s motherboards, of some reason, require the connector to be plugged in.

    Note that if your connector has the AC´97 standard you can use it only if you can choose AC´97 in BIOS.

    I solved my no-sound-problem with buying a front module that has the Azalia sound connector

    /m a g n u s
  6. chech your bios to make sure the on board sound is set to enabled, that is why it is not being picked up, or you need to rma the board or buy a cheep sound card!
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