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I'm doing a clean install of Windows XP SP2 on a SATA HD with a SATA CDrom and a MSI Platinum P35 board. I've slipstreamed in the Intel drivers (Iastore.sys) into the installation as well as put them on a floppy ( see )

It will BSOD every time during the install.

If I manually add the driver via the floppy, it'll BSOD. If I take an ATA drive from the previous install and insert it into the system, it'll BSOD and reboot as it tries to run XP (not install, but launch).

We installed Ubuntu successfully on the machine so I'm thinking it's not a hardware issue.

I've disabled SATA on board... reset the bios, etc. I need to flash the bios next but we had some issues getting a boot disk to work (currently 1.2, need to go to 1.6).

Suggestions would be really welcome. I've never had this sort of problem before on a build.
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  1. I would start by running memtest 86 on your ram and running ontrack data advisor on your hdd, don't assume that there is not a hardware conflict just because linux works, the 2 different OS's may not be paging the same area in memory or the same sectors on the HDD. As for the blue screen from the previous install, that sounds normal to me if it was an install on a different machine. Next step, get your XP software from a diferent source as those images/discs can become corrupted. One more thing, why are you trying to add any extra drivers during install? I don't see why you would want to do that. That board should be able to perform the install fine with the windows default drivers. Try with a straight retail/oem disc image and just install the chipset drivers after the install is done.
  2. I have the same problems, have you find any solution? Plz let me know if you get the thing working.
  3. I have exactly the same problem or it will install XP up the screen before it list's the drives where you choose which one you want to install onto and it just stops there. I tried it once onto a friends IDE drive and it worked so it's some sort of SATA problem. Had to end up using Vista as it's the only OS I can install
  4. After much cursing (and BIOS poking), I finally got Windows XP installed on this motherboard! I had the BSOD as well, saying there was a problem with PCI.sys. I changed a lot of BIOS settings, but I think the one that worked was turning off ACPI in the Power Management section.

    Interestingly, I can't get Ubuntu to install! The Live CD won't even load. I've seen a thousand explanations as to why it might not be loading, but none of them have helped. I'll keep trying though!
  5. Oh and just one other thing - I installed to a SATA hard drive, but I didn't need any extra drivers, since the BIOS says the SATA is running in IDE mode.

    The strange thing is though, my only choices are IDE or Disabled?
  6. You need to use the latest bios and use an XP disk with SP2. (I've installed lots of these with no problems after upgrading the bios to the latest)

    If you use an older version of an XP disk, it certainly won't work and give you the BSOD.

    (if you slipstreamed your disk, check if SP2 is implemented correctly)
  7. mrzodiac is definitely right. i had the exact same problem

    just use a xp pro cd with the sp2 in it , its much easier and quicker
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