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Hi Guys,
I'm planning to buy a card for under $200, and I see now ATI's Radeon HD 3850 is available. It supports Dx 10. Now I don't know much abt the compatibility issues, so had a couple of questions:
1. If I have a graphics card that supports Dx 10, can I play all the games that require Dx 9 ? I've heard that Dx 10 is as usual backward compatible, is that true?
2. Do I need to bother abt ensuring compatibility with the TFT/LCD monitor I buy? Or any will do? I'm not looking at buying something expensive, as I'll be buying 42" plasma TV soon enough.

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  1. 1. Cards are backwards compatible. 2. All modern cards support all LCD resolution.
  2. The HD3850 is DX9 and DX10 compatible. Windows XP is DX9 only. Windows Vista is DX9 and DX10, so the HD3850 is compatible with either operating system. To my knowledge, there are no Vista/DX10 ONLY games. Most, if not all, newer games will run on either operating system.

    As rolli59 stated, there isn't much to be worried about when buying a new monitor.

    -Wolf sends
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