BSOD Whats causing it?

I am encountering a BSOD after upgrading my system.

BCCode : 1000007f BCP1 : 0000000D BCP2 : 00000000 BCP3 : 00000000
BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

I am wandering if my power supply is the culprit.
Winows does not seem to log these BSOD's or mention them, even tho its set up to do so.

Pentium D 945 - upgraded from P4 640
2G XMS2 dual DDR2 RAM - Upgraded from Value Ram
2 SATA HDD - Upgraded from 1 SATA HDD
ATI X1300
Numerous LED case fans - Added more
420W power supply

Have tried with different RAM
Tried with Both processors

I think that all my upgrades increase power consumption by about 100W

Any Ideas? Is it likely to be the power supply?
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  1. I haven't heard of PSU causing BSOD's.... but then it may well do..... umm... is your ram a 2x 1gig or 1 x 2gig, if its the 1st, try with only one stick.. can't think of much right now...
  2. * Have you run memtest on the RAM (at least a few complete cycles?) What were the results?
    * Have you installed a webcam on this computer ever? Some webcams (including logitech) have issues with their mic driver causing problems that cause the 1000007f BSOD (
    * What make/Brand is your PSU?
    * What motherboard are you using? Is the memory on the QVL for that motherboard? (my P5W simply refuses to work with Patriot memory - exact same specs as the Ballistix that I am using now... Go figure!)

  3. Try taking everything you can out of the system and running it on the bare minimum. So try just one stick of RAM, one HHD, the LEDs you have and even try with another older lower powered GPU if you can. If you run your machine and you are still getting the blue screens then you know that it probably isn't your PSU. I recently had a few problems with blue screens and moved my RAM into different slots which sorted the problem so you could try that. Make sure everything has the most up-to-date drivers and BIOS's too.

    With regards to blue screen logs, there should be a folder in the Windows directory (or windows/system) called minidump or something where windows stores blue screen errors (it does on vista anyway) so check there for the logs.
  4. A good guide to BSoD is also available here:

    Might be worth a look. Good luck!
  5. *I have run a 5 hour Memtest on the ram with no errors (8 Cycles)
    *I have tried each 1G module seperatly and another 1G which I know works well
    *Yes I have installed a logitec webcam, that was when it started crashing, I have reinstalled windows since and not installed the webcam again, but it still crashes
    *The logitech thread mentioned was started by me.
    *Have updated all the drivers, and tried with old ones
    *I have tried booting with just 1 stick of ram, 1HDD and graphics card and 1 rear fan. I dont have a spare graphics card.
    *I cant find any memory dump, it does not even appear as an error in the logs
    *Nothing solves the problem

    MB MSI 945 Platinum
    I have checked that the memory is compatible
    PSU Tagan TG420-U02
    CPU cooler Zalman CNP59500
  6. * When do you get the BSOD? Is it when you try to use your camera? Does your system run ok for a while and then die for no apparent reason? Is your PC idle or are you playing games or using the camera etc?
    * You mentioned 'upgrade' - you upgraded CPU, RAM, HDD. When you added the 2nd drive, did you add it in RAID configuration? Or just as a 2nd drive?
    * Also, did you add your camera at this time or was the camera already there (and working)?

    ***When you upgraded, did you reinstall the OS?***
  7. I get the BSOD randomly, could be on the welcome screen, desktop, browsing internet. It usualy happens within 40 mins of strating the computer. Crashes when idol or being used.

    Yes I have reinstalled my OS since upgrading, i have not installed the camera again.

    The second drive is just a second drive

    I can run a bootable linux distro from CD for several hours with no problem. It is therefore unlikely to be a main hardware component.

    It could therefore be the primary hard disc, as that is the only thing that is not used with the live OS.
    (could also be the windows install, although its a fresh updated install)
  8. It could be your PSU being underpowered, or could be some driver conflict. You would need to read your minidump files to see if it was a software issue (these are created when you run into the BSOD) - you can find them at c:\windows\minidump\*.dmp

    Read this article ( to get details about how to read the minidump files. This should get you more details about what caused the failure.

  9. Have solved the problem, It was an issue with the hard drive.

    Performed a Zero-Fill on the hard disc and reinstalled the OS again. Does not crash anymore.
  10. tradon said:
    *Yes I have installed a logitec webcam, that was when it started crashing, I have reinstalled windows since and not installed the webcam again, but it still crashes

    Kinda odd that reinstalling the OS a second time (with or without a zero-fill) would solve it. But anyway, I'm glad that it is working now. :)
  11. Bad sectors IMO. That'll do it :-/ Next time you install an OS, do the full-format. That will do a surface-scan of your HDD and will take a lot longer to do.
  12. Unfortnatley after a day or so of working flawlessly the computer has began crashing frequently again. At least now windows is giving me a memory dump and telling me it has crashed. The problem is i have no knowledge about debugging.
  13. Have analysed the minidumps.

    A very good guide to reading minidumps can be found at

    The system uptime is always 0days 0:20:4X:XXX to 0:20:5X:XXX

    and the problem is the same in every minidump

    Unable to load image ati2mtag.sys, Win32 error 0n2
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ati2mtag.sys
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ati2mtag.sys
    * *
    * Bugcheck Analysis *
    * *

    Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

    BugCheck 1000007F, {d, 0, 0, 0}

    Probably caused by : ati2mtag.sys ( ati2mtag+102550 )

    I have tried the latest drivers and old drivers that I know worked fine.

    Could this be a hardware fault on the graphics card? I have an exaust fan next to the passivly cooled card so its unlikely to overheat.
  14. I doubt it is hardware at this point. Google ati2mtag.sys to see if anything rings a bell.
    ---good luck---
  15. I believe it is possibly the hardware rather than software as I have reinstalled windows twice and tried many different driver versions.

    I was experiencing very low framerates in games and windows media player said it couldnt play a DVD as there was a problem with my graphics card, DVD's would play in another application but would freeze and stutter on a new non scratched disc. After the first crash these problems went away so i thought nothing more of it.

    I am also getting display corruption on the BSOD where there is a red square and various other minor display corruptions. This only happens on the BSOD though. and with the minidumps reporting the crash on the display driver it points in one direction.

    I might try and find another graphics card from somewhere as I have no spare.
  16. Run manufacturer's diagnostic on HD, or try another drive, if you have one.

  17. There were no errors or problems reported from the manufacturer's diagnostic of the HDD
  18. It can be the power will do that when the rails become weak and can't maintain a constant supply as to what the motherboard needs.......I would go and get an antec500 earthwatts from best buy for a quick will work for you just fine...also...reflash the bios on your motherboard.....
  19. I am now about 90% sure this is a graphics card hardware fault. I am now after about 10 crashes today experencing flashes of bands of video corruption of the screen before windows loads and windows media player will not play DVD's again claiming a graphics card fault. I have seen this screen corruption before and it can only be a faulty graphics card.

    It looks as though I will have to get a new graphics card :(
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