Q9300 - Will not overclock

Hey out there - i just built a new machine with the following goodies:

Intel Q9300 with Noctua Thermal Compound
Xigametek HDT Cooler
Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R with F3E BIOS
Vista 64 home premium (I am thinking this is a problem)
Maxtor SATA 3GB/sec Hard Drives
Samsung DVD-RW
XFX 9600GT XXX 700MHz
4GB PC8500 Ballistix
Corsair TX750W PSU
Antec 900 Hundred Case (4x 120mm Fans)


I am unable to overclock any amount - BIOS or the provided Windows software. I have been reading articles saying they are getting 3.2-3.4 without even touching any voltage settings.

I am just about to re-install the CPU due to the inconsistent temps.

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  1. Well, what have you tried? Those chips are locked-low-multis, yes? That means it will be all up to your MoBo!

    What have you tried when over clocking? That would help alot!

    Damn thing is locked at 7.5 x. So you need 400 FSB to reach 3.0. Thats the only way to reach a given speed.

    And yes, yer temps are a bit high for a 45 NM chip. Should be like 30s.

  2. I cannot touch the FSB at all. When I do the system just reboots and resets to default.

    I just finished with the CPU and now I am in the low 40c's. Still not able to OC.
  3. Can you post bios shots? Prolly have to use a small cam to take them!

  4. Things to try before overclocking:
    1) Make sure you have set the RAM voltage to the value specified in the spec for your specific modules, then save BIOS, then set timings for your RAM.
    2) Run memtest86+ for at least two complete passes without errors.
    3) Run Orthos (or similar PRIME95 based stress tester) in "blend mode" for at least an hour or two without errors and without overheating.
    4) You might also try using the stock Intel cooler, since your cooler doesn't blow air down onto the MB and cool the northbridge, PWM area, etc as the Intel cooler does.

    The version of the OS has nothing to do with OCing problems, as long as you use the BIOS to change settings (never use Windows-based programs to change settings).
  5. Save me, Mondo! :)

    Maybe I need to make a pre set macro for the disable spread spectrum junk, disable cpu options, set the ram for 1:1, and all the basic junk I don't wanna type! (Over and over again!)

    How goes it over there? I am on a mission to find a 750i in my local area, and I must be in the least tech friendly part of the North west!


  6. 750i+45nm QUAD GO!GO!GO!

    but i think he will need to up his voltage for the mobo parts since he got to the "default" limit 400FSB.
  7. well - i rebuilt the system and now i am at a 3.30GHz - go figure. i ended disabling everything. temps are running in low forties. i went back to my ASUS "cheap" cooler with a side mounted 80mm over part of the north and memory. CPU temp in BIOS is 26C. the north heat sink was loose and i repaired it.


    Q9300 is an OEM and does not come with a cooler.

    CRYSIS is running like a champ.

    thanks guys
  8. Check out this Thread over at XtremeSytems Forum.
    Nice results: Q9300 @ Intel boxed (56K warning)

    The members there are very helpful.
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