Sony motherboard replacement?

Hey all, new here and looking for a little help.

Had a Sony Vaio motherboard ( Sony model VGC - RA 825G and MB ASUS PTGD - VX ) go out a few months ago. I have been looking for the exact match to mine and found a PTGD - VX but it was out of a Sony RA-104 ( pretty much the same board minus a couple of different connections ). I got it in and it powers up to this:

Press F11 for BBS popup

NVRAM update - ok

Initializing USB controllers - done

1024MB - ok

Usb device - 4 storage devices

Auto detecting 3rd Master - IDE hard disk - status ok

4 USB mass storage found and configured

CMOS settings wrong

CMOS date/time not set

Press F2 to run set up

Press F1 to load default values and continue

First time doing this and didn't know if I'm on the right path and if so where to go from here? Didn't know if these mb's are out of different models would be a problem but decided to take a shot. I don't have the setup disk so any info will help thx...
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  1. Tried actually pressing F1 and watch it go? Since it's on a VAIO, Sony *could* be using other proprietry, motherboard-bound parts that could prevent you from booting up, but definitely use default and give it a shot.
  2. What has happened is the CMOS battery was removed in the switching out of the motherboards, resetting the date and time in the BIOS. Or it may actually be that the battery on the newer motherboard is dead and the date and time can no longer be held because the BIOS chip needs to have constant voltage of about 3 volts to maintain information. If you press F2 and go into the BIOS and set the date and time to what it should be, then save the changes and restart the computer to see if the issue persists. If the issue persists, then the CMOS battery is dead, and you can take the battery off the old motherboard and put it on the new motherboard.

    Now the only problem that you will encounter by having put in a motherboard from a different model is that the models are different in the BIOS. So when you go to restore the operating system, if you ever have to, it will not let you because the model in the BIOS is different that the model on the restore discs. The models have to match for it to allow you to proceed with a restore. Good luck!
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