Master SATA HDD and slave DVD burner?


I'm in the process of assembling my new rig, but I want to make sure if I can hook up an HDD as my Primary and DVD drive as my secondary? Both SATA, of course.

I ask because I only have once SATA cable at the moment.
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  1. SATA? Isn't SATA 1 cable per device? or do you mean E-IDE?
  2. ZeCow is absolutely right. SATA is one cable per device. There are no master/slave relationships with those devices.

    You'll need to pick up another SATA cable in order to hook up both devices. Go to a computer parts store (i.e. Microcenter) or order off of the internet. The cables are cheap and come in various lengths. carries the cables and they have good prices.

    Good Luck,

  3. Okay, I think I have it wrong, then. I was looking at the power cable. Then i guess I have plenty of SATA cables.

    But so that means the power cable is capable of powering two SATA drives. Should I then use that one cable for both HDD and DVD-RW drive, or is it better for each to have its own dedicated power cable?
  4. Go ahead and use the one cable with two connectors. It will work fine. The power drawn will not exceed the capabilities of the cable.
  5. Thank you both for your help. I greatly appreciate it.
  6. Don't worry so much. Unless your running a 250W PSU left over from some old Dell or Compaq, your 12v rail should have plenty to spare.
  7. Thanks. I'll be running on a 750w Silverstone.

    My full specs are as follows:

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4
    4870 X2
    Asus Rampage Formula motherboard
    1TB Seagate HDD
    8GB Corasir dual-channel DDR2 800Mhz (4 sticks of 2GB)

    I've been doing a lot of research, and I thought I had accumulated enough knowledge that assembling my rig would be a breeze, but I guess I don't know much if I couldn't tell the difference between a power cable and a SATA cable.
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