Looking into buying Accelero x2 fan for X1950pro, do i "NEED" the HS?

Hello, I was looking into buying the accelero x2 VGA fan, and i saw that for the x1950pro it says you have to install the HS or something like that, i was wondering, is it really needed to attach it, or is it just there for optimum cooling?

If it is needed, then i don't really want to purchase it, and could someone recommend a fan for the x1950pro please?

Thanks, Killgroup.
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  1. HS more than likely meaning heat spreader or heat sink. Other than that, I have no idea what it would be talking about...can you link us to the information you are in question about?

  2. Have a look on the AC website, you DO NEED a VRM heatspreader for the X1950 Pro....without it the card will(or at least is likely to) be damaged
  3. The VGA cooler itself (in this case the Accelero X2) is the heatsink (HS) and fan.
    A heatsink is a metal block that conducts heat away from the the heat source, and a fan is usually attached to it to cool it down.
    The Accelero X2 is a great VGA cooler. It is extremely quiet compared to the stock cooler, and it cools better.

    EDIT: After reading nukemaster's post, I think he understood your question better than I did.
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