RAID has gone AWOL


I am hoping someone here can give me some guidance on setting up RAID...

I have Abit AN52 mobo with a built in nvidia RAID controller. Last year I set it up to run a mirror, and started to store pretty much all of my data on that drive. I've stored thousands of pictures...

Then last week I started getting "Access failure: Critical error on disk ST3160811AS (Port: SATA 1.0)." every 30 seconds. Since it was complaining about the same drive, I figured it must be going dead, so I broke the mirror and started to copy files onto a new (bigger) drive figuring I was ready for an upgrade anyway.

Then I discovered that the second drive was in a very funky state. It was mostly in the same state as when I first created the mirror, with exception of a few files here and there that were added over the last year. I mean, it had files that were deleted a long time ago!!!

The first disk was much worse off, as soon as I restarted with the disk connected to a regular SATA port windows decided to run chkdsk, which reported a whole bunch of errors and attempted to fix them. In short, I lost quite a bit of data.

This whole time the nvidia control panel reported my raid as HEALTHY (my ass).

So my questions are...

- why did this happen? Isn't it the point of RAID that data is mirrored? and why wasn't it mirrored

- I am thinking about setting up the RAID again, should I try nvraid or set it up via windows dynamic disks?

- is there some raid integrity utility that I can use?

Any help will be much appreciated
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  1. Drives were not synchronized. Are they of the same model (heads/sectors)? Heads/sectors has to be identical. What was written to your first drive wasn't being acknowledge in your second drive. You build the mirror through the raid controller yes?
    There isn't any parity bit as in raid 5... I'm afraid you will have to use a software file recovery to get your data since you can't rebuild your array to get the data back.
  2. Yes, both drives were identical. The mirror was created via controller utility
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