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So I've researched enough NAS storage to drive me crazy when I thought, why not ask the pros? I have a business with 5 desktops and would like to backup important company information. I keep reading reviews and getting scared. I do all my own IT work and I'm not a pro so I would like something easy to use. My priorities are to run RAID 1 (2 - 500GB HDD), spend less than $350, able to swap HDD myself when they fail and it would be nice to access it remotely. Of course I would like it to run fast, not run hot, be reliable, etc. I have no idea where to start...please help!!! Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well for the software part of this I would look into Freenas The hardware part it depends on what chassis you use. It is not usually difficult to find even a desktop chassis that can actively cool several hard drive. Read up on freenas and pay attention to the part about iSCSI.
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