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I have an e6750 with stock fan + frequency. At idle, it runs about low 30s C. when i start multitasking it shoots up to upper 60s C. I Don't even think that is under full load either, task manager shows about 50% per core. Should i be worried? I am thinking i should run over to the TigerDirect store and pick up some thermal paste for $10 and make sure the heatsink is contacted correctly. Is it worth it?
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  1. To be honest idle at low 30s C is good for stock heatsink, and I am surprised that after such low idle temps, temps while multitasking go so high. Its always worth reseating the heatsink to start with if you have any temperature issues. I would go out and grab some arctic silver 5 or ceramique and reapply it. I can also recommend arcticlean thermal paste for removing the old paste very easily.

    tell us how it goes and happy new year
  2. Quote:
    e6750 with stock fan

    Usually these coolers are very good, and the CPU runs fairly cool anyway, not needing an even heavier cooler.
    What about ambient temps, and your case cooling?
    Exhaust fans at rear and/or top are important; any fans blowing in to your case are less so.
    The OEM compound on the stock cooler actually works well, but it's a one-shot deal. If the cooler is ever taken off, or even moved (breaking the seal to CPU), it must all be disassembled and cleaned up.
    Then reassemble with something good like Arctic Silver rubbed-in well on both parts, and then mated.
    Sometimes the 4 Intel mounting holes for the cooler on the motherboard will loosen up a bit, if you mount/unmount the cooler a coupla times. This is a good thing.
    Yeah, you'd better take it all apart and get to 'know' the cooler installation very intimately...
    Once you get it all assembled really slick, often only then will you realize it was in fact improperly configured before.
    Your temps don't sound too-too bad (a bit high perhaps).
    Often this is just poor case ventilation + hot room + overclocking etc.
    Let us know what happens, good luck.
  3. Yes. The thermal pad the stock cooler comes with is OK, but for quiet pcs or overclocking.

    As the people above said, arctic silver/ceramique or equivalent can reduce your temps by 3-5*C. However, while you at it, why not pick up a new cooler as well? You can get reasonable cooler master ones for ~25 i think...
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