Motherboard doesn't recognize all sata drives at once

I am trying to get to a point where I can install raid drivers to set up a raid 0 on this PC, but I can't seem to get the motherboard to detect all of my sata drives at once. (Two 250gb WD Sata 3.0 HDDs, and an ASUS DvD Burner).

When all 3 are connected sometimes the bios will show one harddrive and the dvd burner as sata devices connected. Then, if I swap the sata cables on the hard drives, and reboot, it will detect one harddrive and that's it, not the other drive or the dvd burner. I've tried swapping cables around between 4 different ports, it has a total of 6. 2 are almost completely obstructed by the huge video card, but I plan to mess with them more today. I am pretty sure I tried the harddrives in a way that tells me it's not defective hard drives, and I've swapped cables around to know its not the cable. So the only thing I can think of is bad ports on the motherboard? Are there situations where you need to have your satas connected in a certain order on your motherboard?

System specs are:
ASUS P5E Motherboard
Intel Quad Core 2 Duo Q6700 Processor
2x 250gb WD HDDs (Sata 3.0)
1x ASUS Dvd Drive
4GB of DDR2 1000mhz RAM (2x2gb)
Teagan ITZ 1300watt PSU
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