Asus maximus extreme & IDE HDD & IDE DVD Writer???

Hey folks,
I'm planning to upgrade to Intel Quad, and will be using ASUS Maximus Extreme. It has 6xSATA and 1xIDE slot.
Can I use my old IDE HDD together with a new SATA 2 HDD on it?? If yes, would the performance somehow drop because of this??
Can I use my IDE DVD-Writer on the mobo?
If not, which one would you recommend?
many thanks in advance!
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  1. You could do it and it'd probably work, but generally, I don't like to put an IDE hard drive on the same bus as the cd/dvd drive. Personally, I prefer to seperate them for better performance. Why don't you just get a larger sata drive, migrate your files from the IDE drive over, and unhook the IDE hdd and be done with it?
  2. I don’t see why there would be a problem, SATA and IDE run off different controllers but you could get conflicts.

    I would try it with the DVD as secondary master. If it gets conflicts go get yourself a cheapy SATA DVD/RW
  3. Grieve is right, I like sata better myself, I would not put the IDE hdd on the same controller as the dvd writer, except to copy my files, then take it off. But sata seems to be faster than IDE, at least I can tell a difference.
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