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I have a netgear wgr614v6 and winxp pro with IE and firefox, my laptop has win xp pro and IE and Firefox, they are connected and running with wireless, desktop is main computer laptop uses wireless, but I have seen that my laptop is not secured, I tried to set it up with the IP address and I need a password whish password and admin don't work neither does 1234. Any suggestions? Please be aware I am not completely computer literate, I know some.
Thank you very much
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  1. I'm not sure how your laptop could be unsecured but connected if the desktop and router are secured.

    I'm guessing you need to set up wireless security in the router and then set the wireless adapters in the desktop and laptop to match, but I'm worried that you will simply lose connection altogether if you just start changing stuff.

    I suggest you download the router manual from Netgear's website and read it carefully before proceeding.
  2. It sounds like you are trying to access your router's settings in order to enable security? Or is security enabled on your network already?
  3. I am sorry for the confusion, my desktop is the main computer my laptop is the one that uses the wireless, but the DSL comes to the desktop, I am sure my desktop is secure, but upon setting up the wireless I never secured the laptop, so aford10 I think you are on track. I can't get the password and user to get to the settings, I was also wondering if I ran the disk for the set up again, if that would mess things up?
    Thank you
  4. Use the desktop and go to
  5. When I do that and click on edit profile it wants a user name and password, admin & password do not work and i tried 1234 still no luck. I think when I had previous problems and called the phone comp, I think he had me put in a different password and of course i dont know what he said. Would it work to reinstall the disk with set up?
  6. Yes that should work.
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