ECC Memory and OC'ing

I'm very new to Overclocking (never actually done it before), but I've been reading everything I can get my hands on about it.
I'm looking to get an Asus P5E board with an Intel q9300 chip, and 2x2GB Kingston ECC memory - hoping to OC just to 3GHz or so.
In all the guides forums I've read, I haven't seen anyone mention anything about ECC that's my question: Is it possible to OC with this sort of setup?
Are there any issues surrounding ECC memory and OC'ing that I should be aware of?
Many thanks.
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  1. Do not get ECC memory for a desktop. A server, yes, but not a desktop. Considering that ECC is meant to be stable, and overclocking makes things unstable, I'd say it would be a no-go. Any particular reason you chose ECC memory?
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