OMG i just got a virus PLZ HELP Me!!!

ok i just got a virus.. omg plz help me.. what can i do to get rid of it
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  1. antivirus it and tell it to destroy it

    That's all I got to do
  2. the ironic thing is that i got this virus trying to download an anti virus program....

    any program you would suggest?
  3. ???......a free one??? idk, I use Norton (even though I hate it and its slow)
  4. it was a torrent :(
  5. *update avg just found a trojan horse

    *update 2, avg found a third trojan..****
  6. Just use AVG Free. Why you would try to download an AV suite is beyond me.
  7. well... i had done it before on my old pc and that worked well

    omg it has found 4 now 'cries' ahhh **** omg i have jsut a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach right now.. i think i may just wipe my hard drive :(

    should i go that route or should i hang on a little longer and see if i can get my pc back to normal?

    ok i have 7 trojan horse viruses that avg has found.. do i just leave them with avg or how on earth can i delete it off my computer???

    ok my pc has totally slowed down, avg didnt fix the problem, how do i reformat my hard drive?? do i just re load the os?
  8. Run a scan, when it has found something go to where you can tell it what to do with "detected problems" and see if you can "fix" said problems
  9. no it doesnt give me the option to heal it or fix it

    iv given up all hope... man this just sucks i got my pc all ready to go and now this stupid thing happens. so how do i reformat my hard drive.. do i have to re load the os i guess?
  10. There are many anti-virus software programs. Most, if you go to their sight you can down load "trial" versions.
    My favorite is Kaspersky Labs.
    You should only have "One" anti-virus program installed at a time.
    Down load Kaspersky, save to your desktop.
    Unplug your internet connection.
    Remove your existing anti-virus
    Install Kaspersky, then reconnect to the internet and update kaspersky
    You should only have one firewall enabled also. Kaspersky has one and so does windows. disable one or the other.
    Run "Scan My Computer"
    If Kaspersky wont remove it you will have to do it manualy through
    Run: regedit
    Type the name of the virus after clicking "find"
    It will run and stop when it finds the first location
    Look on the left you see folders, one will be open.
    If there are more than one file in the folder delete the last line in the center of you screen.
    If there isnt other files or sub-folders, delete the folder.
    Hit F3
    Regedit will find the next location. Do the same as above.
    Hit F3 again , and again untill you reach the end.
    Then do it all over again.
  11. do you have any important files on the drive?

    here are your options.
    1. no important files: format reinstall and destroy any data cd/dvd burned since the problem started.

    2. important files: eg. homework assignment that needs to be printed. In this case get a friend to download and burn a linux live cd and use that to use.

    3. important files but the computer is still useable: finish with those files then reinstall.
  12. oops sorry.

    about point 2, use the livecd to navigate the drive and open the files.
  13. You might also have to ctrl+alt+delete then go to "processes" and see what is eating up CPU/memory useage. If you dont have any programs running and you have something eating up CPU it is more than likely the virus.
    Delete that line also.
    Between regedit, task manager and kaspersky you should be able to get rid of the virus.
    When it is clean install AVG FREE or Avast Home...also free.
    If you like Kaspersky I just saw Office Max add from todays paper
    $29.95 for 2 years and up to 3 computers.
    You really should'nt have to wipe your drive/drives.
  14. If you download ILLEGAL Torrents your going to get viruses. Companies upload bad files just for people like you.

    You may even have viruses embedded in your Illegal windows. I think its safe to assume your windows was a torrent.
  15. what do u mean?
  16. he means that you probably tried to download a torrent of AVG, which was the full version, which you didn't pay for, which means that you broke the law.
  17. The guy's a dick from the 'holier than thou' camp. You can get viruses from just as many legal sources. I've seen over 300 trojans and spyware programs on some innocent noobie user's computer, and all they did was use the anti virus supplied with it (Norton) and take it on the internet (and it got fixed after that without formatting).

    P2P is a better way of downloading big files quickly than client/server, and plenty of people use it for linux distros, patches, demos and free programs. Unfortunately the big download sites don't use it despite the fact it's more efficient, and to use nearly all of them you need to give your email and get spammed or pay them to get decent bandwidth. The files are legal, but without the original source providing hashes for p2p you can't be sure it's a good version, or just something uploaded to give you a virus. There are plenty of people other than those protecting their IP who upload viruses, and a lot of them upload anything useful, free or not.

    My advice? Get an old 10gb hard drive and put a clean install of windows on it (saves learning linux, and gives you more tools you can use to fix an infected windows drive, like windows AV and anti spyware programs).

    Viruses can only be inside files that are 'run', that includes the boot sector and core startup files of the operating system, .exe and .com files of programs, .dll files, and a few others that have executable parts like .wma and .wmv files, or office files with macros, and saved web pages that do stuff with activex and javascript. Most files are perfectly safe, just being data that can't be run, and all files with viruses are safe to mess around with so long as they aren't run.

    Boot off your 10gb drive, install a free AV program (only take the bare install to google, then the AV program's website and it should be safe enough to take on the web for that job. I'd recommend you get both Avast and Grisoft's AVG, as you're more likely to find everything using more than one program), then shut down and reboot with your 10gb drive as the boot drive, and your infected drive as a second drive in the system. Now you have full read and write access to the infected drive to fix it with your AV program, and so long as you don't try to run any programs on it nothing else can get infected.

    If your 10gb windows install gets messed up you can just reinstall it without losing any important files.
  18. roadrunner197069 said:
    If you download ILLEGAL Torrents your going to get viruses. Companies upload bad files just for people like you.

    You may even have viruses embedded in your Illegal windows. I think its safe to assume your windows was a torrent.

    I've NEVER gotten a virus from torrents, and I'm a huge storm at it. I HAVE gotten a virus from the Cyanide and Happiness website's advertisements.
  19. i imagine it depends on which torrents you download really..... and tbh, i dont think that anyone in their right mind would bother with a torrent to D/load AVG which is what? 2 mb? 20 mb? unless they wanted a version you couldn't get off avg's site - an illegal full version
    (that was my logic)
  20. Go get Avast antivirus and never look back best I have found and its always free
  21. God, what a drama queen!
  22. who?
  23. Also, you can have your current anti-virus do a reboot and then DOS based scan, or do it in safe-mode. That's usually much more effective since some virus' hide in proteced Windows .dll's, etc....
  24. You can also give Housecall a try....
  25. Try Avast!

    IF the virus is in a resistant mode (sometimes it is hard to get a scanner ON if the Virus got there first)...

    Take out the HDD and stick it in another computer that is virus free with Avast! installed AND updated first. Set it as a slave drive. Then scan the drive on that computer.

    I doubt that you'd need to go that far though.

    Once Avast! cleans your comp, go online and VERIFY your comp. is clean using HouseCall AND Norton free scan online. If BOTH of those sites verify your computer clean, then:

    Stop browsing porn.

    Hope this helps!
  26. Another Tip is to create a local Windows account that is not an administrator.

    Be sure to run your AV cleaning software as this account.
    Safemode is a good tip as well.
  27. I was a diehard Avast fan but realized how much of a memory hog it was so I gave AVG a try and have been very impressed... You can download it at

    My 2 cents.
  28. ok well this is an update... i reformated my hard drive while i was sleeping and im loading everything back on. And while i was doing that i just realized that my Asus Maximus formula came with the full version of Kaspersky anti virus. Iv learned from my mistake. Scan before opening lol...

    by the way thank you guys for all of the responses i greatly appreciate it.
  29. At this point you are gonna have to take the entire PC and throw it into the mountain of doom. It's our only hope!

    Sorry, cheap shot. I'd freak too if I got an infection like that.
  30. Just a general post here.
    When ever I set up a new install there are a few things you should have on hand, a freshly burned CD containing AV software,drivers,firewall,general utilities needed on the PC this is just to boot the machine and get it online (never put a machine on the net with out some form of AV and I recommend a free firewall as well they usually are better then the one that comes with windows)

    Also something to look for on your torrents is something called Hirens Boot disk It has 2 different virus scanners and a $%^( load of other useful tools for when your PC decides to act a fool. It is updated every month with new AV definitions.

    The reason I like boot CD's is that if you boot off the CD memory resident virus's do not get the chance to load and screw up the scan.

    Should also be worth keeping a Linux live CD/DVD around as that is an invaluable tool in repairing things. Folder that cant be deleted in windows ? well just boot into Linux and delete that sucker. (had to do this a few weeks back on a 0 byte folder that contained about 328MB's of data, odd that Linux could both save the data and delete the folder but I could not find a single windows utility to do the same thing)
    recommended Ubuntu here for that but Mandriva is not bad either.
  31. In the future if you get a virus run the anti virus, kill it and reboot into safe mode, run the anti-virus again, kill anything that pops up. Restart windows and run it again, you should be virus free. I've had to do this several times after my daughter got viruses. Good luck.
  32. :lol: Thats why you use Linux(+ Proxy+ IP Blocker) if downloading torrents :lol: noob
  33. Also another solution maybe to get your pc tower, rip all the plugs out of the back and chuck it of a high bridge, then hope an articulated truck destroys it further for you.

    You may loose your data but it would cause you less stress and time wasting in the future (esspecialy if you use norton, in fact if you use norton, you should top yourself right now)
  34. Google...... trend micro house calls .................. do what it says to get it running. Let it do it's thing.

    You can also try booting in safe mode with networking and running you're own or doing the above in safe mode.
  35. Kaspersky costs money, but it's well worth the money for decent protection.
  36. Lol its funny how people try downloading AV programs from torrents.
  37. Shadow703793 said:
    Lol its funny how people try downloading AV programs from torrents.

    I still think it's funny the only "AV" I have is Windows Defender and I still haven't gotten any viruses on either computer... One has been like that for 4 years, the other a few months...

    Just don't click on random crap.
  38. Yeah, as someone said, I just now realised that Avast! seems to chow down on my memory quite hard, maybe I'll give Grisoft a shot. I have just built up alot of confidence in Avast! over the past year or so.

    I like the idea of Linux, next computer I am turning this one into a Linux box. I guess I'll always feel like a noob until I get a Linux box running myself.
  39. did no one read my update lol?? i reformatted my hard drive, and when loading my mobo software that came with my asus maximus formula board, i realized that hidden on the disc, there was a full version of Kaspersky on it. man i love asus, the disc also had an advanced version of 3dmark 06.

    anyways thank you again for all of the responses
  40. Backup and clean install and buy a real antivirus program.
  41. is Kaspersky not a real anti virus program?? I also have zone alarm pro but that sort of gets annoying with all the pop ups asking me to allow or not to.. though i must admit, zone alarm is like a brick wall to viruses..
  42. thats kind of like trend micro.....asks for EVERYTHING.....
  43. Consider running two machines, one on your internet connection, and one as a 'last known good' system that you don't install *any* software on unless you know it's clean.
  44. or you could just periodically reformat, like you would have to anyway with window's registry being so annoying
  45. cnumartyr said:
    I still think it's funny the only "AV" I have is Windows Defender and I still haven't gotten any viruses on either computer... One has been like that for 4 years, the other a few months...

    Just don't click on random crap.

  46. Here is what I do:

    I keep a Linux/XP (dual boot) box for web surfing (see my sig. its the 1st PC i built ;) ) (I use Linux when using the web 90% of the time) and another PC for gaming, and another one for Photo/ Vid. editing.
  47. rodney_ws said:
    God, what a drama queen!

  48. very simplest thing is to format the whole computer and reinstall the OS
  49. He's already reformatted, and now the problem's solved.

    To OP: In addition to Kaspersky, you can install a free anti-spyware like Spybot Search And Destroy, and run it every week or two, just in case it catches something that Kaspersky misses. Just manually do it every so often, I find that it'll sometimes detect some small things. That's purely optional though.
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