Does IP35 Pro or DS3P support Wolfdale "out of the box"?

There's a similar thread posted here earlier, but no responses so I'll give it a try...

I'm considering between Gigabyte EP35-DS3P (rev 2.1) and Abit IP35 Pro for a new build. I already ordered a E8400 cpu. Does anyone know if either of these boards support the new 45nm Wolfdale procs without having to update the BIOS.

What concerns me is the IP35 Pro site doesn't even mention supporting the 45nm cpu's with the latest BIOS (14). To me, it seems Gigabyte has a better and more up-to-date BIOS history.

I know the E8400 was just released, but I'm hoping someone knows whether or not these boards will work with the original shipped BIOS.

Also if anyone has any experience with the IP35 Pro vs. the DS3P or DS4 boards, please let me know. Thanks.
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  1. I know DS3P does with 2.0 version which I installed one of my customers but I still used Q-Flash and get the latest bios.
  2. Abit IP35 Pro's BIOS will need to be at least version 1.2 for both Wolfdale & Yorkfield. That BIOS was released back in August 2007 and they are now up to v1.4.

    Chances are that newer batches of IP35 Pros should have the newer BIOS, but there's always the possibility of some old stock sitting around.

    If the IP35 Pro supports Wolfdale, as BIOS v12 suggests, why don't they have the E8400, or any other 45nm cpu, on their support list?
  4. Maybe they neglected to update their own site, not beyond the realm of possibility.
  5. The chipset supports the Wolfdales, yes. It is up to the MB manufacturer to write code into their BIOS to support the CPU microcode, has nothing to do with the chipset working out of the box. You need to find a board and check the Manufacturers site to ensure they have a BIOS revision that will support the 45nm Procs. At that point it is luck if you have a board that has "that" BIOS revision already loaded.
  6. What do you guys think is the best mobo that supports the new 45nm wolfdales? I want to get a new one, and I was looking at the evga 780i, but 270 is a little bit too much. Any really* up to date boards that are top notch? It does not need to support SLI, but it does need to be ddr2, not ddr3. it can support both.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread...
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