Friggin Crysis!!!!!!!!

Hey all, names Jason.

OK here's my issue. Right now I have a bfg 8800gts 640. My plan was that when I decided that one of these wasn't good enough I would pick up another. Problem now is that when I recently switched over to Intel my new board won't support SLI only crossfire. SO, I was going to throw this one up on eBay and pick up two 3870's but then during my searching I discovered the 3870x2. So after that I searched again and could not find or completely understand what I did find so here's the question. Can I run 2 3870x2's on a p35 crossfire only board? Its not a crossfireX board. Asus p5k premium wifi. Will my mb see 2 gpu's or will it only see one even though its a x2 on a single card?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. u need a x38 chipset to maximise crossfire, otherwise get a 8800gts 512mb xD

    my $.02
  2. Crysis rocks

    i have playing for 3 days - 2aa 1200x1000 and all high settings
    using the msi gts 512 - 730mhz card
    e6750 @3.4ghz raid0 raptors

    no problems

    crysis is so cool!

    ya the mobo crossfires but at 4x which should be ok for that card
  3. your dumb

    i ebayed 2x 8800gts for sale now isold4u

    i picked up 2x 8800gts 512 (2 machines)

    play is about the same as the 8800GTX

    get the msi 8800GTS
  4. and why does that make him dumb?
  5. Erm right..

    Anyway, x8 and x8 is about the same as x16 and x4 dw just go crossfire itll perform well :)
  6. or just buy 1 GTX and call it a day. in my recent build i have a EVGA 8800GTX and it performs like a champion with Crysis. 100% lag free in all aspects of the game.

    the reason is the 8800GTS will out perform 2 3879 in crossfire if my memory serves me right - i wrote that when i was sleep typing at 3 am in the morning.

    if you research it you see the 8800GTS equals the 8800GTX for the most part.

    $350 for 8800GTS
    $500 for crossfire

    sorry again!
  8. No 2x 3870 in xfire will crush a 8800gts.
  9. wingsofzion said:
    or just buy 1 GTX and call it a day. in my recent build i have a EVGA 8800GTX and it performs like a champion with Crysis. 100% lag free in all aspects of the game.
    Could you please explain to me then why I have problems running it on High settings? If by 100% lag free you mean at most an average of 35fps at my native resolution at High settings? Let's not even mention Very High which looks considerably better, but plays considerably worse.
  10. I don't understand why some of these veteran forum users act really childish. ??
    Anyways I would get 1 3870X2 or 2 ot them. (4x)

    Actually just wait and see how well they scale and stuff before you buy. That is when they come out.
  11. OP the answer to your question is

    YES the 3870x2 will work in crossfire just like the 7950gx2 worked in SLi
  12. Hey everyone thanks for the input.

    Sorry but I just want to be clear on this. My board will run 2 seperate 3870x2 or are you saying my board will run 1 3870x2 and because it has 2 gpus on one card they consider that crossfire?

    Thanks again.
  13. they will run 2 seperate 3870x2's
  14. i just check out the 3870 and it is really good at dx10 and crossfire is far more effecient then the sli

    so i was wrong!

    i am half way through crysis - make sure you turn off all your browswers this baby needs all 2gb of ram
  15. Sorry about the double post, I accidentally clicked on quote, not edit.
  16. That's an interesting question. ATI's coming out with the dual GPU card first quarter 2008. Whether it will be seen as quad Crossfire or simply Crossfire should depend on the drivers. I'd think ATI would learn from Nvidia's mistake with the quad SLI fiasco.

    One of Nvidia's highest end cards might be better than 2 3870's but we can't say whether it would be better than 2 3870 x2's in Crossfire. The card's not out yet, and it might take a few months afterwards for the drivers to be tweaked.

    Nvidia will probably come out with their newest cards before ATI comes out with the R700. You might just want to wait with one card that you have instead of going Crossfire in January. IMHO, Crossfire might supplant SLI as the true single standard for dual cards because Intel's using it. SLI fans will be stuck with AMD processors, which many people don't want, so SLI might just die off gradually.

    I'd love to see a single standard for dual cards where you could use ATI or Nvidia in any board, and where, in fact, you could use an Nvidia and ATI card together, with cooperative drivers. Just don't hold your breath.

    Me, I'm a budget gamer waiting for hybrid Crossfire to mature. A 2nd generation 780G board with power saving features that can give at least 10% performance with a 3850 would work for me. At launch, hybrid Crossfire will only work with an X2400 or 3400 class card with no power saving implemented.

    Anyone hear anything about hybrid SLI? I haven't heard anything about that in a long time.
  17. edit nm
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