Bad HDD sectors ar other PC fails

Hi everyone,

I tried to use the serach in order to find the similiar topic, but I haven't found any.

About a week ago, I started facing BSOD problem. When the windows is Loading (at that time when the slider moves, just before the Welcome screen) my monitor just flashes, it shows BSOD, and restarts... I reinstalled windows, hoping it is not the hardware problem. Everything was ok, the windows were fresh, but later I encountered another problems - when I download ,for example, a games, which is shattered into many .rar parts, I try to extract it. But I get this error I thought if I would redownload broken parts, it would work. SFV checker found some broken files and I redownloaded it. Then I tried to extract again, but same error appeared... I even cannot copy these redownloaded files to the main files directory...

I ran windows checkdisk. It found some bad clusters and fixed hem, but the problem was still there... Then I used Hiren's bot cd, ran
HDD regenerator. It found about 200 bad sectors and fixed them. But the problem hadn't disappeared... When I downloaded Team Fortress 2, played it for about 30min, then quit, and the started again it hadn't started...

I don't know what to do, should I bring my HDD to the warranty, in order to change it or keep searching for problems?

I should mention that a couple weeks ago I bought new motherboard ( GA EP35 DSR). The first one was broken, and the shop changed it. Maybe it is the MB's fail?

B.T.W. I have OC'ed E6300 3Ghz, and Kingston CL6 ram's. (I ran memtest86 but it hadn't found any problems)

Hope you guys would help me :)
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  1. Anytime you have bad sectors on a drive you need to RMA it ASAP. If it has bad sectors 1 time it will have them again. The only reason to ever repair bad sectors is to recover data.
  2. ^agree... get it RMAed or replace the drive.
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