Thermalright HR-03-GT cooler on 8800gt

I've bought this Thermalright HR-03-GT for my 8800gt, but I have a little problem with it. When I mounted the PWN IC heatsinks to the chips I hadn't cleaned it correct at first, so I took them all off again (because they fell off) and cleaned it correct, but now when I try to mount them again there are two of them which can't stick. How can I get them to stick?

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  1. The Forum suggest "Artic Alumina". I have used it with good success. This as an aluminum oxide 2part non-conductive epoxy. But make no mistake, you must get these things clean. I used(very carefully)laquir thinner. If ever you need to remove the heatsinks, a soldering iron works well to soften adhesive. Heat sinks in moderation. Be Carefull!!!
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