DVD writer cannot read cds in Vista, works fine in XP

I have a Samsung DVD writer, SH-S202N and a gigabyte P35-DS3P motherboard. I'm running Vista Home Premium.

I have a strange problem, and I'm quite close to reinstall Vista. But I have not given up yet.

The problem is that the DVD writer can read DVD's and audio-cd's, but not read or write software cd's. It works fine in XP, so I figure it must be a software problem in Vista.

I've tried reinstalling the driver with no luck, it still will not read cd's.
I've also updated the firmware.

Also, if I leave a cd in the drive when rebooting, Vista hangs before login screen until i remove the CD.

Does anyone have an idea of what can be wrong?

By the way, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I've installed ICH9-drivers from Intel, and everything has been detected in Device manager, however vista problem solver states that drivers for ICH9 is not yet installed.

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  1. Having similar problem, with a NEC DVD_RW ND-3550 and a MSI K9 neo motherboard installed on SATA Hard Drives (dual)
    yet it works fine with Windows XP. I believe it to be some interaction with the SATA drivers, but Have no way of testing at this time.

    regards, Andres
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