HP Media Center m1190.uk Problem - Screen not working

Basically my friend's HP Pavillion PC no longer shows a picture on the screen. I have posted this problem with HP so many times so I am going to copy and paste the support email in this post with all the details needed.

product_line : 6J
product_oid : 436204
product_name : HP Media Center m1190.uk Desktop PC
part_number : PN122AA
purchase month : 1
purchase year : 2005
problem area : monitor/video
serial number : czb4430lyt
operating system : Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition
Was the CD/DVD writer drive built into the computer when you purchased it? : yes
Can you hear sound from the connected speakers?: no
Does the display on the music center appear to be working properly? : no
Have you connected the music center to your TV, DVD or music system? : no

problem description : Recently my PC has developed a problem where the screen simply does not show anything whenever it turns on and it stays in that state throughout! It simply gives the remark "monitor going to sleep" and then sits in standby mode (amber light stays lit no picture on screen) while the PC is in use.

troubleshooting : I have followed through the troubleshooter of "Monitor is Blank after Starting the Computer" and undertaken all the steps in the document where possible. You had some suggestions which could only be carried out when in Windows but I can't tell whether or not I am in windows because I cannot see anything on the bloody screen!

I have tested the monitor in other PCs - it works fine and I have tested other working monitors in this PC - same issue so the common factor is that there is clearly a problem with the PC.

I have checked for any damaged video connections - they seem to be working fine.

I have even carried out the steps in the aforementioned troubleshooter on resetting the BIOS - nothing seems to have worked. The PC seemed to start on its own accord without halting or making any beeps and my keystrokes are ignored. Despite using the cordless keyboard and mouse that came with the PC I attempted to use a corded keyboard to execute the BIOS reset suggestion - again keystrokes were ignored, same problem occured.

I even went to the extend of checking all the internal hardware for any loose components and even resetting the BIOS internally since using the keystrokes in the troubleshooter did nothing.

I cannot execute the last stages in the aforementioned troubleshooting document since I cannot even get into Windows!! NOTHING appears on my screen!!

All this to no avail.
setting changes : Nothing has changed since the unit was last functioning properly - this just occured out of the blue

Basically I the troubleshooters they gave were the usual check the monitor is functioning, check the cable isn't damaged and check inside the PC for any loose components.

I even tried resetting the BIOS according to their instructions but it still don't work.

Can anybody help!!!
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  1. If you can still see it post(the hp logo on startup) maybe you can go into safemode to do your trouble shooting....

    Press F8 repeatedly untill you get an option to boot in safe mode....
    Once in there turn down you screen resolution as low as it will go for now....Maybe you are just out of range....If that does not work, try to boot in safe mode and remove both the video card and screen from the device manager. this will force windows to reinstall them both.....

    Post back if you have any questions


    further reading shows this to bee quite a problem....damn.....see if hp's fix will work in safe mode....
  2. Absolutely bugger all shows on screen when turned on. Not even an HP logo.

    Despite this no beeps sound and the PC seems to start up as normal
  3. hammer the crap out of F8 and see if you can get a boot menu for safe mode.....i appears to be a HP power savings issue....damn you energy star...
  4. Tried that and it didnt work

    Any other ideas
  5. Does your video card have more then one output? lets say 2 DVI(or DVI + VGA + TV out) and one TV? did you try all connectors? I have seem a mess up cause my computer to boot on my TV......so if you can boot and try all once you think its in windows.....if it is...log in and set the right port to primary....Its a long shot, but you never know....
  6. Well the card has one VGA, one DVI and an S-Video socket. Its a Radeon X1600PRO which I had to fit to replace the X600 that originally came with the system and burnt out.

    I am using the VGA output but I haven't yet tried the DVI output.

    I cannot get anything on my screen whatsoever. No boot up screen - nothing - it just goes "Monitor Going to Sleep" and then it goes into sleep mode. This happens for all monitors I have tried on this machine.
  7. on both ports(use a DVI->VGA if needed)?

    Damn i have never seen this before....
  8. For what it's worth, I have the identical problem with . Except that I get no notice that the computer is going into sleep mode. I get what seems to be full power and start-up but no video display whatsoever.
  9. i have the EXACT same machine and same problem.
    i was told it was the video card, so i bought a new one.......installed and guess what?
    NOTHING changed!
    Can you help? Did you ever get this figured out?
  10. i have an hp slimbook(small tower)with the same exact problem and it isnt a graphics card so idk what else but try and make sure the hard drive is properly connected and you could also try to unplug and plug in the ram card,it worked for me once on another computer,or do the same to the hard drive,then restart it,but let me know what it could be,cause its very frustrating.
  11. Marshahu try changing the power settings in the BIOS.

    Sometimes if the Power settings in BIOS is disabled or inactive..you may get this error.

    Restart your computer,by tapping in F2 or DEL key..once the BIOS screen appears,Go to power menu,enable and select yes for power option.Try Restarting it should work.

    I had a similar issue with one of my customer's HP A1440n (Windows XP Media Edition 2005)..I resolved the issue by changing the power settings in BIOS.

    Thanks & Regards,

  12. If you have reset your bios settings to F5 (default) there are 2 problems you need to address one is that you have to change your video settings to whatever video you are using usually pci it defaults to pci-e

    2: you will probably need to set your raid configuration back to ide setting instead of raid
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