Overclocking my 8800GT

Hey there, I've been slowly upping my core processor and shader on my new video card, then I would run a 3d mark every time I up the core and shader I am getting overall lower results but higher HDR Marks. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help =)
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  1. The scores wont be exactly the same every single time, even with everthing the same, so there is some up/down but usally nothing to big. What are your temps when running 3dmark?
  2. I peaked at about 61, which was not too bad. OC'ed the core to 700 and the shader to 1605
  3. May I ask what manufacturer produced your card, what version of their 8800 GT line did you get, and what the stock clocks would be ? Thanks :)
  4. Galaxy GeForce 8800GT 600MHZ 512MB 1.8GHZ.
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