RAID: where is data stored...please read on

Ok it seems like a simple question...duh!!!!! but what I am really asking is this:
When you set up a RAID system , where is the data relating to type of RAID and which HDDs and name given to RAID array it stored on the motherboard in the RAID controller chipset, or in the hardrives in some sort of pre disk storage chip or somewhere else?
Here's the reason I ask:
I recently have had trouble with my Asus P5E board [bios 0502], causing a lot of BSODs and we narrowed it down to what appeared to be a fault with the memory chipset, not the memory sticks.
So I RA'ed the board, eventually received another one which I was advised was brand new.
However, when I installed it , connected the same two HDDs expecting to have to reconfigure the RAID and fired it up.
The RAID screen came up with exactly the same name and RAID type, [ie RAID 0], which I had given the RAID system on the board I RA'ed and the computer proceeded to run and load, as normal.
I've always been under the impression that the RAID type,name etc. was stored on the mobo RAID control chipset......but if this is the case, then my P5E has not been replaced, merely had the bios updated.
Since it is apparent there are still some problems with the board, I would like to have some definite info, to use to address the issue with the store.
Your info would be appreciated.
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  1. RAID info is actually on the drives. However, for it to be compatible, it has to be the same kind of RAID controller because of the way that the info is stored.
  2. Yes, if you plug the RAID array back into the same model or type of controller, it will recognize the array and work perfectly.
    You cannot, as cjl said, plug it into a different make or type of controller.
  3. Thanks to cjl and jitpublisher.
    My apologies for taking so long to reply, I really appreciate that you have taken the time to reply.

    I have a little more to add, which is why I was a bit perplexed when I read your responses, so will add this as FYI....I hope it is of interest
    Some weeks before this mobo failure, the two Raptor HDDs I had in RAID0, with the original mobo, were showing signs that they were not running properly.
    Also as part of my system, I had a third HDD, not part of the RAID Volume, but used for backup.
    I replaced the two Raptors, with 2 Seagate 320gbs.
    Being a Newbie at setting up RAID, I started up the system with some apprehension, at having to reset the RAID on the new Seagates.
    But, the system recognised the RAID0 array....same name, 'Gregsraid' and recognised the new Seagates.
    Of course I was delighted because I didn't have to go thru the RAID setup procedure, all I had to do was reload the O/S
    That is why I was under the impression that the RAID data was stored on the mobo.
    The missing factor of course is the 3rd. HDD [my backup hdd] and now when I look at the RAID volume screen at startup, it is recognised but shown as a non-raid member disk.
    But it would suggest that the RAID volume data is also stored on that HDD even 'tho it is not part of the RAID setup.
    Again thanks for your response, no need to respond to this, but I will be happy to learn more.
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