Ok..im going to buy one of these 8800GT's

My choice has been narrowed down to....

Evga 8800GT (because they offer the best service with warrenty and step-up)

Evga 8800GT - £169

EVga 8800GT + crysis - £192

Evga 8800GT KO (675mhz) - £186

Im thinking the standard with crysis, as i plan on buying it anyway.

Your thoughts??
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  1. The cheap one, go with the cheap one. Wait till Crysis hits the bargain bin in 3-6 months. The game is ok, but nothing we have not seen before in a shooter; except for the graphics are outstanding the best I have seen.
  2. ^Agreed. You can OC the $169 to the same rate as the KO.
  3. Depends on the cost of crysis. If you are going to buy it anyway, deduct the cost of the game. BTW, if you ever trade up, the game is yours to keep and the trade up value would be £192. So IF you are at all thinking tradeup as a good possibility, the game would be free in the end.

    from evga step up policy:
    "An exception to this rule is if the original product came with a promotional game. This is deemed as a gift and does not need to be returned with the trade-in card. The participant will not be charged for not returning a bundled game."
  4. Hmm so i think its between the standard and the game....

    If i were to choose the game version it would push up the trade in value of the card if i were to upgrade, making a future card cheaper. A current GTs is 360 euros, according to evga (£265) which is a tad expensive compared to retail products. and i wouldnt want to pay £70 more as i could of gotten a GTS for that price anyway.

    Will the launch of the new 9x00 series push this price down, and will it be before the 90 day period?

    *edit - i just checked some prices, and £220 would get me a decent GTS - I may hold on a week or two to wait for my last couple of pay checks to come through and decide then*
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