Computer freezes at logo screen, why?


I got my new pc built minute ago. When I start it it starts normally and then it reaches the manufacturer logo screen and it says 'press tab to go post or del to go to bios' or something similar. That is the point where it freezes, nothing happens if I press del or tab, simply nothing happens if I wait. It just displays a ASUS logo screen.


8800 GTX
Corsair 750W
500 GB HDD
Plus a couple of fans that seem to run well (leds are on etc)

I have plugged two power connectors the main atx power and the smaller 4pin atx power too. Cpu cooler is placed and cpu fan is plugged. I have plugged power switches and my reset and power off buttons work.
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  1. I have this exact same problem, it is also with an Asus motherboard ; Asus P5N-D

    I finished building my pc a week ago and the problem kept occuring

    Did you manage to fix the problem?? if so please tell me how :(
  2. Yet another victim of crappy asus boards... I have the asus p5n-d too and same problem. Sometimes when i'm quick enough i can press del and it says "entering setup" but nothing happens. My rig has been working before this for 2 months without no problems. But this came straight after when i unplugged my network cable accidently when my pc was on and i plugged it straight back but i did not get a connection so i restarted my pc but only to see that it freezes in on the splash screen.

    my rig:
    -E6750 c2d 2,66ghz (been at 3,2ghz 24/7 stable)
    -Asus p5n-d
    -Hynix ddr2 pc6400 2x2gb
    -Nvidia GeForce 9600gt
    -BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 700w
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