IaStor.sys is corrupt

Okay, first the basics:

HP Pavilion dv2988se Notebook PC
Vista 64 pre-installed
2x Intel Core2duo T5750 @ 2.00GHz

I've been attempting to make my laptop dual bootable with XP. Dilemma:

current version of Intel Matrix Storage doesn't provide option for my AHCI only for RAID. All 64 bit drivers return the message "IaStor.sys is corrupted" therefore not allowing installation. (By all I mean all previous versions and 64 bit XP professional as well)

32bit drivers allow installation but still don't recognize the hard drive.

How can I get my XP to recognize my HDD's if even Intel's drivers don't work?

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  1. Depending on what you want XP for, you could just use Microsoft Virtual PC and create an XP environment inside Vista and avoid all the hassles. If you want it for gaming, then a virtual machine won't work.
  2. If I understand correctly, you need this:

    Enabling AHCI after Windows install

  3. Yes, for gaming and other compatibility issues.

    Further info: Intel provides 3 config utility versions: (rel. 23oct08); (18aug08); (2jun08).
    All of these while they are listed as supporting my graphics chipset, don't support the above chipset for AHCI, only RAID. This is why I'm thinking XP is telling me my IaStor.sys file is like the government.

    I'm thinking of trying Toshiba's website since they manu. my HDD.
  4. Quote:

    If I understand correctly, you need this:

    Enabling AHCI after Windows install

    http://www.xtremesystems.org/forum [...] p?t=116485

    This might work if: when I entered my BIOS I could actually do some editing. During startup I have only the following options listed: <ESC> enable startup msgs; <F1> startup info; <F2> startup check; <F9> change boot device order; <F10> BIOS setup options; <F11> system recovery.

    After entering the setup options under the sys config menu I've only 4 options: language; button sound; processor C4 state; boot options. Boot options only allows me to change the boot device order.

    So this is another issue inability to change anything in the BIOS.

  5. Quote:
    Google to the resue !? http://img2.mysmiley.net/imgs/smile/cool/cool0012.gif

    I found this link: link

    Okay, this might also work if I wasn't slipstreaming the same freakin' files that I'm using on brand new floppies in a brand new USB floppy drive during the F6 option of the XP install. All options attempted so far lead to corruption :cry:
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