Every 8800gt is sold out everywhere? FRICK!!

I was looking to buy a 8800gt cause im getting tired of waiting for the 9800 to come out...but there is not a place that I can buy it from. It seems most pleaces are sold out, even newegg....WTF!!!
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  1. Didn't look or something?
    6 out of 19 in stock 20 minutes after you posted (2 are 512mb)
    what's up with that?

  2. dude there are plenty available.
  3. sorry im looking more for either bfg or evga...and they are gone at newegg, bestbuy, and fryssss
  4. why get a gt when the g92 gts is so much better???
  5. Simple.

    The 8800gts cost more

    Thats not to say the extra performance isnt worth every extra penny IMO ;)
  6. Frick on stick with a brick!
  7. I happen to have a BFG 8800 GT OC that's still unopened, purchased from Best Buy. PM me if you're interested.
  8. Ncix US store has BFG ones in stock.
  9. neisonator said:
    why get a gt when the g92 gts is so much better???

    Because it isn't.
  10. It is for overclocking, I think.
  11. my gts has way higher clocks that a gt it is cool and and quiet to bring a gt up to the gts level you will need to spend extra on cooling and that brings the price to about level that of a gts
  12. Or you could just spend a sensible amount of money and get a good card and not overclock it to a GTS :heink:
  13. a sensible amount of money varies from person to person ok my disposable income is a third of my pay bout Nz $125 a week. im not saying people must buy this card im saying if they have the $ to go a bit extra go for it. and did you take the picture in you avatar that is soo random
  14. Ok I'm a cheapass. I could upgrade my x1950 pro to a HD3850/8800GT for as much as I paid for the x1950 pro (which was an upgrade from a 9800 pro) which is just over $AU300. However, the performance difference just doesn't justify the price to me. I should get at least a 1% performance increase for every $ I spend.

    My avatar is a google pic, and if I actually had a cat it probably wouldn't be that cool ;)
  15. well im from QLD, AUS...

    bought my ASUS 8800GTS 512mb on 20th of december for $479.. wen they wer selling friggin sparkle and other lowend cards for $520~555

    not to mention the GT's from $420~480 looked at 5 retailers...

    so yeah my GTS pawns all your GT's got it at a respectable price too =)


    not to mention the better cooling solution.. ooohhhh
  16. I take it you got it from MSY, considering they still sell it for $479.
  17. :D Supply and demand my friend, but they are a little easier to come by now that the big announcement and performence stats boom is over.
  18. One of the cheapest I've seen, unfortunately you might not get the one with the exceptional looking fan, and end up getting the one with the stock reference design.

    Galaxy 8800GT 512MB - $221 after Rebate: http://www.ncixus.com/products/27328/88YFF6HUFEXX/Galaxy%20Technology/
  19. You can also still order the standard 8800GT directly from the EVGA website....

    I just ordered a 8800GTS 512 from NewEgg and I am incredibly excited!
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