Is my computer overheating?

System Stability Test - Everest:



Min - Max - Average
34 43 41.0
CPU 42 61 59.2
CPU #1 56 74 71.2
CPU #2 51 70 68.2
CPU #3 53 70 66.8
CPU #4 53 70 66.7
Samsung HD753U 26 31 29.1

Cooling Fans

Chassis #1

1004 42188 2998


CPU Core 1.12 1.16 1.15
+3.3V 3.31 3.31 3.31
+5V 5.09 5.11 5.09
+12V 12.26 12.26 12.26

Methinks it's too hot. Any chassis fans that you recommend? My current heatsink is a Vindicator and my father thinks it's crap.

I would be purchasing the items from PC Cyber (

Thanks in advance!

I just realized that I posted this in the overclocking section. My computer isn't overclocked at all. My mistake.

Just tried everything in HWMonitor:


Value / Min / Max:

CPU VCore 1.12 V 1.12 1.16V
+12V 12.21v 12.21v 12.21V
AVCC 3.31 V 3.31V 3.31V
+3.3V 3.31V 3.31V 3.31V
VIN1 1.45V 1.45V 1.46V
+5V 5.11V 5.11V 5.11V
VIN3 1.45V 1.44V 1.45V

SYSTIN 34C (93F) 34C (93F) 34C (93 F)
CPUTIN 42 (105F) 41 (105 F) 46 (114F)
AUXTIN 127C (260F) 1C (32F) 127C (260F)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450

Core #0 56 C (132F) 56C (132F) 60C (139F)
Core #1 50C (121F) 50C (121F) 56C (132F)
Core #2 53C (127F) 53 C (127F) 56 C (132F)
Core #3 53C (127F) 52C (125F) 56C (132F)

GEForce 7900 GT/GTO
GPU Core 46C (114F) 45C (112F) 46C (114F)

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  1. 70c is a bit high for non oc'd cpu. Take off the side of the case and check if the temps lower, if it lowers, you need beter airflow in your case. Also check for dust on your heatsink and put off dynamic fan or equivalent in BIOS, if that doesnt work reseat your heatsink with a fresh application of good thermal paste like AS5 or such. Hope that works.
  2. Double post.
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