Bootable OS on USB FlashDrive

Hey guys.

Quick question,

1. Im interested in installing my 64 bit ultimate OS on a USB FlashDrive and running it in addition to my sata hard drive for storage.

2. Is that possible at all, and would it give any benefit.

3. Im also thinking of buying maybe a 6 gig flash usb and using it as a partition for disk cache is that a good idea?

4. Can I maybe set up a USB FLASH RAID setup as USB Flash drives for better performance?

5. Lastly, am i mistaken by performance of flash memory and should I just pipe up and go regular platterpuss HD? scsi?

Should I use the search button more or will you please take 5 minutes out of your day to please sign in and give your opinion

Thank you.
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  1. i do not know about install vista on a flash card. i know u can install xp but it runs without a registry so you can not install anything. and the last thing it will be very slow!
  2. Windows can't run without a registry... The Enterprise edition of Vista images we're pushing at work are 22-25 GB, too big for the 16GB sticks available. 480 MB speed for USB is faster than SATA 2, but that's just theory as usual. Portability... you need the same hardware on all machines to get that magic to work. Damn Small Linux at 50mb is cool to use as a diagnostic tool, no CD's to carry..........Take a spare drive and install Vista as you will, create an image with Ghost or Acronis and push it to your USB stick and test, first hand testing is ALWAYS the way to see if what you've got is what you want!
  3. Windows cannot run on flash disks correctly
    But you can install ubuntu linux 8.10 on USB Disks easily
    Just boot from CD and go to System > Administration > Create a USB startup disk

    for more information:

    You can download it or request a free CD of ubuntu linux here:
  4. Great for diagnostics but not for everyday use.
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