Please recommend a MOBO for me :)

So I am a first time builder, i just bought all my parts including the MOBO, but i chose the ASUS P5NT-Deluxe... and i have yet to read ONE success story in fact, every review i have read has been a failure, and some even include burning up RAM.

I have:

2GIG DDR2-1150
650w PSU
74GIG Raptor

I will hold onto the P5NT-Deluxe in hopes that one day it gets worked out, so i'm looking for a decent MOBO that will get me by for the time being. I have a 200$ budget for this.

Thank you
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  1. DS3? P5K? ... both solid foundations...

    My preference is Gigabyte at the moment, but I picked up an ABIT IP35V that so far has been a nice product. I still swing for Giga/Asus for right now though. Try looking around newegg...
  2. Abit IP 35 Pro $149
  3. EVGA NF68-A1 NF680i SLI
  4. I have to go with Tizz choice if you think you will do sli in the future. If not gigabyte P35 is good.
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