8800GT having a fit on startup

Ok chaps. Got myself a zotec 8800GT. Whipped my old 6600GT out, moved some components around to make some space, followed the installation instructions (stick it in the slot and connect the video cable).

When I boot, something in my pc (could it possibly be the card?) makes a very loud, high pitched and continuous squealing sound. I was concerned I might have fried my mobo or another component, so I swapped my 6600GT back in, and here I am with a perfectly functioning pc again.

Anyone got any idea wtf is the problem?

mobo is gigabyte ga8nf9, cpu an athlon 3500+.

I've read something about needing to connect a molex cable to the 8800GT, but the installation instructions say nothing about any additional cables.
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  1. If its the card squealing prolly a dead card. happens anytime you buy electronics.
  2. Well if you removed the 8800GT and the sound is gone, I'd suspect the 8800GT :)

    Maybe the fan? Try spinning it to see if it turns smoothly. Make sure there's nothing in the way of any fans.

    Another possibility is the PSU suffering from overload. What's your PSU?
  3. Did you plug in the 6 pin molex power plug into the rear end of the 8800gt video card?
    Is your PSU able to provide 30amps total on the +12v rail/s?
  4. Yes. Check to see if you plugged in the 6 pin (2 X 3) connector from the PSU into the back of the video card. I do not know about other brands besides eVGA, but the eVGA G80 cards will literally SCREAM if you forget. Don't ask me how I know this.

    If your PSU does not have a six pin connector, you will need to replace your PSU.
  5. Thanks chaps. When I swapped the 8800GT back in again, I this time managed to notice the blindingly obvious 6 pin socket on the end of the card. No problems once I'd connected this to my psu.

    In my defence however, I maintain that the card's documentation says nothing about an additional power connection, and I generally try to follow the supplied instructions as closely as possible when installing new hardware.

    Still, at least everyone now knows that if you skip the power connection for an 8800GT, a loud and continuous squealing may result.
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