2000 mhz FSB!?!?!?!?!

hello all!! i was hoping to get someones opinion on something. first, my specs: e6400 c2d 2.13 B2stepping--p5w dh deluxe--CB tracers 2x2g ddr2 800 pc6400 (CL-4) 2.2v---ok, currently i am running the cpu at 3.0 (375 x 8) w/ a vcore 1.325,,, ram is at pc5700 750mhz (1:1) 4-4-4-12 timings and 2.2v,,,,i updated the bios from 1901 to 2704 and i can now change my FSB up to 650mhz! now, i dont want to go that far, but i have read (and maybe misunderstood) that the more FSB you can get....the better the cpu will perform??? well, assuming i didnt misunderstand, what if i lower my multiplier to 6 and raise the FSB to 500mhz?? this is of course temperature permitting :) right now im at 32-35c idle and 65-67c 100% load. and i know i could get those down even a couple degrees with a lil more "tinkering". anyways, i dont want to go any further than the 3.0 clock speed. so in a nutshell....will there be a significant (if any) performance increase between where im at now or by lowering multiplier and raising FSB to 500mhz?? also as far as ram goes im terribly inexperienced, so i would rather not oc it. BUT!!...if it would hinder the overall oc by staying at ddr2 800 AND it can handle being oc'd....ill do it in a second!! ;) LOL! and i guess third (and probably most importantly) can this mobo handle a 2000mhz FSB?? i dont want anyone to think im taking the ez route here by asking all this. i am going to read as much as possible, but the more input i can get, the better!! so thanks in advance for your time.
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  1. ur motherboard may not go up that high. it really strains ur fsb and doesnt help very much. use the multiplier u got. i wouldnt go over 1600fsb (400 quad pumped) if u do want to do it. at 400fsb, u can do a 1:1 memory to fsb ratio which optimizes memory i think? may be worth a try, more fsb doesnt hurt, its just harder on ur motherboard. 67c is a little high for 100% load, do u have an after market cooler? i know u can hit 1000mhz at 4-4-4-12 @2.1-2.2 volts on those crucial ballistix tracers. use memtest86+ to check stability as well as orthos or prime95.
  2. thanks gamer for the advice. i too am concerned about my temps. the "32-35c" idle was my temps at my last oc. currently im idling at 40c!! :( initially i thought this bios was going to be the shiznit, but now im not so sure. right now if i drop the vcore ANY it errors out w/ prime95 pretty quickly. (i have all my NB SB fsbtermvoltg settings at auto. not sure if i set em manually if i could drop a few degrees. ill try. but strangely on the previous bios i was able to run 2.8 (which im happy with) with a 400 x 7 and a vcore at 1.2875. and my temps never got any higher than 60c. but with this bios i cant seem to get that same setting?!?!? as far as cooling, your right, nothin fancy, i got an apevia x-superalien case, its huge!! i keep it nice n tidy for good air flow. it has 6-80mm fans on the case. and i did get an thermaltake 120mm cpu fan. im going to see if i cant get it back down to 2.8 clock with the 400 fsb and lower vcore. thanks again for your help.
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