I have the fastest sub 2-GHz system for gaming in the world

Well. Maybe not. But we'll see, depending upon your reaction.

I have an e4300, which, due to the failing of another motherboard, had to reside in an MSI p965 Neo-F. Not a big problem, if I didn't want to overclock, but the Neo-F doesn't have a voltage setting, a pci-express frequency setting, or any of the other amenities...so, I can only overclock my FSB a little, since the PCI-express frequency is linked to it...and my graphics card isn't too happy about that.

Anyway. That's the background. Long story short, I can't reach above 1.93 GHz on this processor atm, but eventually, when I can get that Gigabyte motherboard, we'll see about fixing that.

Well, I recently came across a good deal on a 8800GTS 512, which I couldn't pass up, even if I know that it'll bottleneck because of my processor.

Well it does, of course, but only at gentle settings...raise the AA, and at 1280x1024, I don't notice much of a bottleneck at all...in fact, my results come in just right in 3dmark06, at Tom's Hardware settings.

So, I checked the ORB projects results page, and it looks like my system, which scores a 8900 on default settings in 3dmark06, is the fastest sub-2GHz system for gaming...on this benchmark anyway. Too bad I'm not registered with ORB so that my result shows up :S
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  1. Does anybody understand the purpose or meaning of this post?
  2. no orb=didn't happen!!

    just kidding. too bad about that oc. its funny that the 965 neo-f is so bad, as my generation newer p35 neo-f overclocks great...

    isn't the fastest sub 2ghz pc a little like having the fastest golfcart in the world... :)
  3. i have the biggest three-inch sausage and was the smartest guy in special ed.
  4. Not sure if s/he is asking for help or bragging about their system.

    I think my intelligence has fallen a few points after reading the opening post.
  5. I dunno if I'd want to brag about a "uber great" 2 ghz system to badly.
  6. OP, Get a Gigabyte P35-DS3L board and some DDR2 800 ram. OC the FSB to 333 for 2997(3ghz) on the stock Intel cooler. You can probably get to 400 FSB for 3.6 ghz, but you will need a better cooler.
  7. Now I'm totally confused . I thought Bill Gates probably had the best and fastest system out there . Fastest in the world ????????????????
    That's a h*ll of a claim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Really, what was the point of the post?
  9. tmike said:
    i have the biggest three-inch sausage and was the smartest guy in special ed.

    I want your autograph! :lol:
  10. Wouldn't any regular E6300 and same graphics card slightly overclocked be faster than yours?

    Not too much to brag about.
  11. rodney_ws said:
    Really, what was the point of the post?

    should of switched to GIECO IMO... :cry:
  12. rodney_ws said:
    Really, what was the point of the post?

    You're confused....and I'm surprised?.... :D
  13. You guys (and/or gals) don't get irony/humour (or is that "humor" now?) do you?

    Somehow I don't think Ilander expected anyone to bow down and name him the 1337God... but maybe a wry chuckle from others who have been pushed into ludicrous positions by exploding hardware
  14. Just a hunch... Is this the same guy that opened that post on the AMD 5000 Black Edition.
  15. ...ha...that creep is sooo long gone.

    Solitaire's got it right. Just mostly a bitter reflection on the MSI P965 Neo-F.

    Really. Don't ever get one. Even for your grandma. Once I replace it, it might go on to my dear sweet mother, but I'm not sure even she would find it acceptable, and she barely can use email clients.

    My memory is running at 1.9 volts, because that's what it's rated at, and there's just no point in really trying too hard for an overclock for a few different reasons,

    1)MSI won't allow above a 266MHz FSB on this piece of crap. (BIOS setting)

    2)The PCI-Express bus is frequency linked to the FSB, and thus, will happily crash my video card overclocked too much.

    3)There is no setting to adjust processor core voltage.

    So, instead of having a good system, or at least a lukewarm one which is good for gaming, I have a completely tame one that's good for gaming.

    Plus, I'm still championing the idea that "processor bottlenecks" aren't really all that horrible...doesn't make me want to go back to my x800GT, or my HD 2600XT, that's for sure, even though I did not "bottleneck" them.

    As to this...
    evongugg said:

    That's the P965 Platinum. Completely different BIOS, I'm sure, one that MSI didn't cripple.
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