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Pentium D 925 or Celeron D 360?

Last response: in CPUs
January 3, 2008 3:53:34 AM

I currently have a celeron D 360 3.46G and have a friend who is willing to give me a pentium D 925 3.0 G, would it be a good idea to switch my celeron for the Pentium D?
January 3, 2008 5:11:16 AM

Definitely. As long as you don't have to pay anything.
January 3, 2008 6:35:06 AM

The Pentium is dual core, has more cache and uses the 200/800 fsb.
On the other hand, it runs a lot hotter, so dont try using your celery hsf on it. Spend a few bucks to get a decent after market unit. The stock one, that came with the chip have a tendency to loosen off.
Make sure you have great case ventilation, and expect your room to get a few degrees warmer.
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January 4, 2008 12:03:36 AM

Change to the Pentuim D then try and swap the Celeron for a Core 2 (must be a newbie) and tell them "More GHZ = More performance" (lie)

heh, mean and cruel, but i would do the same...definetly "upgrade" to the Pent D and then get a new hsf for ~30$ or so. it should make your whole system feel much faster than using that celery.
January 4, 2008 1:01:50 AM

your system will run much much faster with pentium d - you can overlcok the bus to 920+fsb