NEW Quad 6600 with SLI 8800GT's/ Scores +Voltages

OK GUYS!! GREAT NEWS,I finally finished my new system and after some stability testing and temps monitoring under load I decided that 3.2 ghz was a pretty safe bet, at 43 degrees celcius idle to 57 degrees w/Load. I reinstalled windows and all new drivers and software. Totally clean system. Nothing installed but 3dMArk06, Ntune, AquaMArk3, and Super PI.

Here are the New Specs and Voltages:

Intel Q6600 Quad Core Processor: OC'd to 3.2 GHZ per core.
(Rock Solid) CPU Voltage OC'd to 1.30v
Zalman 9700 (All copper cooler) 6 heat pipes.
4GB Corsair XMS2 Performance DDR2 (800 Spd)
Ram Unlinked and at 1.850v running stock 800 Spd.
2x BFG 8800GT OC 512mb /SLI/ OC'd to 730/1000 ( Stable)
Each GPU Fan Bumped up to 100% w/Ntune.
BFG 680i SLI Mother Board (1333mhz FSB) Bios P31 (Newest Available)
Front Side Bus Voltage OC'd to 1.5V
All other Bios Related Frequency or Voltage Settings Left on "AUTO"
COOLER MASTER 850W SLI Certified Power Supply
Creative Fatality1 X-FI Soundcard
2 x Samsung SATA DVD-R/RW optical drives
3 x Sata2 WD 250gb HDD w/16mb Cache in Raid (NVRaid On Board)
(Striped for Performance) Total Raid Size of 715Gb
3 x 120mm Antec Red LED Fans
2 x 80mm Antec Red LED Fans

THE Scores:

3DMARK06: 17,564
CPU Score IN 3DMARK: 5,446

I Think this is pretty good considering it's a better score than most SLI GTX's are getting. Oh and if you are thinking to get 8800GT's make sure youv'e got the processor to keep up because your CPU will bottleneck you. Tell me what you guys think??
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  1. Looking good dude, im getting very similiar rig, so i now know what to aim for xD , im glad you have done the tests with the 680i board too. as this perticular board at my front door this morning xD.

    Also if you do get the time may you please try some games out like: CSS,BF2/BF2142,COD4 or maybe some games like that please? and tell me an average frame rate? would much appreiate it thanks x)
  2. I plan to do some testing with Unreal Tournament 3 Tonight as well as NeverWinter Nights 2, and Titan Quest. I am playing all three of these games pretty steady right now, and my last card was an 8800 GTS oc from BFG, the 320mb version.. I can't wait to see what I will achieve with this SLI RIG of 8800GT's.. and of course a Quad Core at 3.2 GHZ.
    I am also going to do some tweaking and see if I can break 18,000 in 3dMark. I'm only a little less than 500 pts build has more juice in it..I know it.
  3. 2 x 8800gt's at 100% fan rate the noise must be unberable
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