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Hello all, I would like to put together a desktop in the $700-850 range. I do do some gaming, so I would like to be able to run new games smoothly. However, I am not concerned with having the absolute best frame rates and in game performance. I do do quite a bit of CAD modeling in Solidworks/AutoCAD and other graphics intensive CAD packages, as well as run matlab and other computational software. I also have a tendency to multitask and run many large applications simultaneously. Basically, I want to build the best all around desktop for the money (not necessarily the best gaming machine).

Please post suggested builds below. I would really appreciate it!

Note that I am not planning to overclock
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  1. Here is the list I've put together for my own build, just using the Newegg wish list because I can list everything and get the price. When I'm ready I'll be shopping for the best prices. I'm not a hard core gamer, basically just want a good all around system. Not sure if the video card I picked will satisfy your needs and the motherboard, I want the wifi capability. I'm right at $700 so you can give and take from this , maybe a different Cpu ect, Good luck and Happy Holidays
  2. chuckm, that link goes to a private wish list and so can't see anything.

    Hobbledehoy, what do you need? E.g., just mobo, CPU, and RAM or case, PSU, drives, etc. What you're doing doing is going to be CPU intensive so if you can do it a Intel Q6600 would good but if you need everything, then an E6750. Not sure about the video card, e.g., for gaming the video card is more important than than the CPU but for movies and photos editing/rendering the CPU is more important but for CAD really don't know how important things like frame rates are. If you need everything, the quad core would break you're budget but might be able to get the 6750 but would be definitely a lower end video card, something like an 8600GT, which would be an entry level gaming card. As for the mobo, a P35 would be good, something like the Gigabyte DS3L or ASUS P5K or P5K E if you need onboard firewire. If you're not sure of the video card, check out some prebuilt machines designed for CAD modeling, it will give you an idea of the parts you should be looking at but not suggesting you buy a prebuilt, just research info. Also ask you colleagues what they'd recommend. Definitely list the parts you need
  3. chuckm said:

    Thanks, good starting point and if the video card would work, could easily go with the E6750 and stay within budget. If the OP doesn't need all the features on that board, he could save with the Gigabyte DS3L, although if he needs firewire and 3 PCI slots, that's a good board
  4. ^Agreed
  5. Looks great, really close to what i want to do, you may want to consider a CPU cooler, most have to be installed with board out, easier to do while your building. Let me know how this turns out and best of luck.
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