(cpu) Different cpu temp readings.

Hello, my bios, my case and coretemp all show different readings for my cpu and I do not know which one is right. My case shows my cpu being at 22 c which is unlikely, my bios at 42 and coretemp at 55 which would be very high since I did not overclock. I did put remove the heatsink and put it back on once without applying more thermal paste tho so I'm wondering if this could be why it would be pretty hot. Thanks.
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  1. Its possible that by removing it, the thermal paste may now have air bubbles in it, or it was just old, etc.. Its best to clean and re apply the goo when ever you remove the cooler from the processor.

    You dont mention the cooler, or the Chip type... some are hotter than others, and some coolers dont blow enough.


  2. There's also realtemp, which should report temps lower the real thing. Coretemps usually reports higher, so take the average? That's what I do, sometimes.
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