Second graphics card disappeared!


I've got an A8N32-SLI Deluxe with two Nvidia 7800GTX cards in SLI. I usually have SLI toggled off as I use two monitors (each is connected to one gfx card respectively). However, some days ago the second monitor shows no picture. Problems (blue screens, reboots) started when I began to use an USB TV-card a week ago (which is unplugged now).

I installed new gfx drivers and ran my parallell x86 OS and no change. So we're dealing with a hardware problem. I guess.

I interchanged the cables/monitors and they both work. I switched position of both gfx cards and they both seem to work fine. So then there has to be something wrong with my second PCI-E slot. (It's powered - fans are on).

Do you agree with this conclusion? Have I missed something? What could be the cause? Do I need to get a new motherboard? (Is that kind for sale still? New sockets on new AMDs). It's still under warranty, but I want to make sure it's something I can't fix before I send it in.

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  1. Check PCI-e slot for damage.
    Check Device Manager for warnings or problems.

    I think I would try and send it back.
  2. uninstall nvidia drivers - remove 2nd card - then install drivers and add 2nd card... USB TV might of tripped config.......
  3. PCI-e slot checked for damage. None found.
    Device Manager show no device problems or warnings.

    I uninstalled the nvidia drivers, removed the 2nd card, reinstalled the drivers and readded the card.

    It still won't detect anything. :(
  4. Crap, got a blue screen while doing some work and now it won't post again. Have no choice but to send it in. :(
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