Can 1 MB have 2 RAID configurations?


I'm a newbie..

Can 1 Motherboard + 6 drives (2x 300Gb and 4x 1Tb) be configured with two distinct RAID configurations?

"C:" Mount the OS in RAID 0 and the two Velociraptors for sheer speed.
"D:" Mount my personal and work files in RAID 5 and four 1 terabyte drives (whatever make).

Can motherboards with RAID controllers support this, or do I have to buy a dedicated RAID controller for the second RAID configuration?

I hope to achieve a speedy OS and program files with the RAID 0 and relyability for "Long-lasting" personal and work files with the RAID 5 (and backup, of course).

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  1. In short yes as long as you have 6 RAID enabled SATA ports on board... typically ICH10R and ICH9R support this.

    However, i wouldnt be trusting or relying on onboard RAID controller for a RAID5 array that large.

    1. Its fake hardware RAID
    2. Its slower
    3. The support is not as good.
  2. Going to add to Chookman that if you have another option for RAID instead of those two configurations I'd consider it before you go out on it. But if you do have the RAID enabled ports and ICH9R and ICH10R support then go for it.
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