Can I salvage my HP case with new build?

I am on a very low budget build. Im talking $300 TOPS. I can salvage my new HP DVD Burner, DDR2 PC2700 & PC3200 if needed, Radeon 9600 AGP, 120GB & 60GB HDD (5.4K RPM, kinda old), floppy if needed. I am trying to reuse my HP a330n model case, I am not going extreme so I don't think heating will be an issue with a basic build. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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  1. um... Wow. That will be tough. You could get an Asus Mobo like... The on board video will be as good or better then the 9600. Then i wouuld do a Now do a Use the remainder on Ram. I have that MoBo. Its good. The CPU looks good. I have a Brisbane chip. The windsors do a little more ipc then the brisbanes. You could save money here. Lots of AMD chips out there. What is the purpose of this comp? and don't try to reuse the case. I doubt it will be universal enough to fit a standard ATX MoBo and the connections are not likely to be labled.
  2. Pretty much, internet usage, home storage/server (nothing crazy, just alot of storage).. No hardcore gaming right now, but in the distant future.
  3. Then, on your budget, that MoBo is a good fit. There is new bios that will make it compatible with X2+ CPU's and it has the a pci 16 slot for a new videio card when you can get one. Sry if there are any typos here. Baby on lap now. PC 6400 is not too expensive right now. Buy what you can and add more later.
  4. TY for your time, appreciate it.
  5. There is no amount of money that would ever turn this into a serious gaming rig. You would be better off building a new system for that.

    However, for Internet, server, storage etc. the only thing missing is the storage part. You could simply add something like this.

    An external HDD might also be a good option since you have USB 2.0.

    As stated above, your case will fit a standard uATX MB, so it could be used in the upgrade. However, it would need some slight modification like maybe a side fan.
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