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I have a e4500 with 2GB RAM on an ASUS P5GC-MX/1333 board. I run Vista

I want to get a budget graphics card and have boiled the list down to 2. I'm not a heavy gamer but want to play a few games too.

One is the ATI X1650Pro/256MB and the other an NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS/256MB.

Which one would be the best choice and please tell why? I guess the GeForce is the newer card and has DX10. The ATI only has DX9. But the ATI has a 128bit memory bus while the Geforce has only a 64bit bus. I could't find any direct comparisons on the net.

The ATI seems to have DVI outputs only and comes with a DVI to VGA adapter. Would this reduce the quality of the picture. I use a 21" Dell CRT.



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  1. You will NOT see anything good from a 8400GS. Stay away from it.

    The 1650Pro is okay, but don't expect too much. What is your budget? I'm guessing $75. For that price, you can find a 7600GS or perhaps a 7600GT. If you can, get the 7600GT, it's loads better than the X1650Pro. With the prices falling, 8600GT can be also considered.

    Just to let you know, currently the best price/performance card is the HD3850 256mb. Its priced at $169.99, so it maybe out of your budget.
  2. Thanks
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