How to reduce the size of taskbar

Hello,how to reduce the size of taskbar
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    Hello,how to reduce the size of taskbar

    you can point at the very top of the task bar, you will see a double arrow, when you have the double arrow displayed, left click, hold the left button down, drag the taskbar towards the bottom of the screen, let go of the left button. This will only adjust the size between 1 inch and 1/2 inch tall.
    There is another cool trick, hide the taskbar, but it will pop up only when you point at it.
    point at the taskbar
    right click
    left click on properties
    check mark the box that says: hide the taskbar
    click apply, click OK
    Now when you click on the desktop, the taskbar will hide
    When you point at the bottom of your screen, the taskbar will pop up and show.
    That way the taskbar is hidden until you use it.
  2. You can reduce the thickness of it, by clicking on it, and dragging it down.
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