3850 AGP to come soon.

Apparently theres going to be a powercolor 3850 PCS 512mb AGP.
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  1. Yeah I bet this will be a hot one.
  2. Shame I gave in and bought a moldy old X1950GT... probably less than half the price the 3850 will come in at... and I won't have to wait six months for it to appear in the shops.

    I could have bought a new mobo and got the 3850 PCIe... but aside from the fact it would have cost over twice the X1950 (money I have but can't really afford to spend upgrading my old PC ATM) I doubt there'll be any in the shops over here 'til March anyway. It (and the 3870... and the 8800GT... and the bay version of the 8800GT... and most of the decent DX9 cards...) have been sold out since they appeared in the listings pretty much everywhere.

    This has been an unreal (pun) Xmas for gaming-quality graphics cards availability... everything from the old midrange to the 8800GTS512 have sold out. Panic buying?!
  3. Do I sense a new review on Tom's..........

    AGP Platform Analysis, Part 3: New Cards, Single-Core Systems, and a couple of dual cores for good measure.


    Don't forget to use that XP 2500+ again......and maybe even over clock it to a 3200+ just for fun.

    O yea don't forget to bench the latest and greatest games.
  4. Not really there still are 8800GT, 3870, 3850, 8800GTs available.
    Heck the price even went down.
    8800GT 256 for $200, 3850 512 for 195.
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