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Hey everyone. i have been building systems for only two years now, but the biggest thing that gets me is the available ram for windows 64. I have read threads among threads and have found a few decent tweeks, but nothing that is permanent. I know for Asus motherboard users there is a simple function in the bios that lets the OS us all ram installed. But being an EVGA user, i dont have the luxury.

first off, i have 12gb installed and currently the system sees 7.99gb. I can switch the ram, restart and it will adjust itself but within a few days, will change back to 7.99 or 10gb, ususally one of those two. i work heavily in the graphics field and majority of my ram goes to photoshop as i do vehicle wraps and billboards to scale. i am also running an i7-920 at 2.66ghz. recently i built a second system to play around with for smaller files at an off site office. its an amd quad core 1.8 ghz and the board supports 8 gb ram. i have 6 installed and from day one has never posted any available ram message?!?! is this an intel thing? kinda frustrating as i put a lot of time and effort into my home system and it gives me the most problem yet the off site system is flawless.

i am considering some variables that could effect it. i have 4 sticks at 1600 and 2 at 1333. just misread the packaging when i bought them. the bios reports on stock settings 1066.
if i attempt to up the speed in anyway, i get BSOD or even less available ram. now, if i use turbo mode to 3.2ghz with evga dummy o.c., i get bsod. i dont have to have an oc'd system, just want the ram to work efficiently. memtest confirmed all sticks were well, i even went as far as switching motherboards and same thing has happened. any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!

i7-920 @ 2.66 stock settings
320 hd sata 6 - apps and OS
320 hd sata 3 - backup
640 hd sata 3 x2
2tb hd sata 3 - system back up
h50 cpu cooler
corsair 600 psu
corsair 12gb ram
evga x58 sli x3
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  1. If the frequencies (1600 vs 1333) are different, then the timings are most likely different too. Dual channel and triple channel memory works the best when it's part of a kit. Mixing and matching can work, but is more difficult to setup and more difficult to OC.

    Also, you say you have 4 sticks of 1600 and 2 sticks of 1333. So, to get 12gig I assume that is 4x2gig + 2x2gig. Mixing and matching ram sizes can also complicate a setup. For triple channel you'd want a 3x4gig kit.
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    ^ Concur, the x58 MBs utilize triple channel mode. If you stick 2 x 2 (1600 + 1 x2 (1333) in each tri channel sockets, you will get single channel mode and or a channel dropping out.) Putting 3 x 2 (1600) in Cahnnel A and 1 x 2 (1600) + 2 x 2 (1333) in Channel B is likely to again result in single channel mode and or 1 bank of memory dropping out. Also need to match the voltage level!!

    2 Choices, 1 But 3 x 4 for Channel A (Best option), or replace the 2 sticks of 1333 with 2 Sticks of ram that are identical to the 4 sticks of 1600. As Hawkeye22 indicated it is always best to buy the ram as a matched set and for trichannel that means 3 sticks..
  3. thanks guys. i guess i'll have to go ram shopping. Thanks for the advice. I'll let you know how it turns out
  4. at least DDR3 RAM prices are getting lower and lower!
  5. THANKFULLY!!. My other system takes ddr2 and i have paid more for (4gb) ram than (6gb) of ddr3
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