overclocking dual 7200gs

athlons 4600 dual core
2gig pc800 ram
2- 7200gs 512mb
500 watt psu

Now i started to overclock my cards using atitool and was wondering what is the max temp the cards should be getting to, as well as the max overclock settings( theese cards do not have fans on them, they are sparkle cards, i did however place a case fan that blows directly over theese 2 cards). Im pretty sure atitool does overclock both cards but wanted to check on that as well.
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  1. Use Rivatuner
    they should not go higher than 75 degrees just to be safe (at load), 80 would be the max max max if you dont want them to die.
  2. can anybody explain to me the relevance of 7200gs in SLi? buy an 8600gt if you're in a tighter budger or 9600gso instead dude
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