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hi my first post xD, anyway i couldn't find this on Google so i need help from the pro's lol. anyway i have a 80gb sata hd im using it as my current main hd. I just got a 250gb ide hard drive, its empty theres nothing on it. So heres the problem i want to use the 250gb hd just as storage for music videos ect...but when i try to boot it boots the 250gb ide hard drive and not my 80gb sata. I set bios to boot hard drive first but T_T it dosent understand or somthing. I want to know how to boot my sata hard drive, without turning of my 250gb. Because when i do manage to boot from the 80gb hd i cant find my 250gb in "my computer". And in my bios theres master/ slave. Sata 1, sata 2, sata 3, sata4. my sata hd is under sata 3. And i tried putting the ide hd under slave and master and no luck. So i just want to know how to boot my 80gb sata hd withotu turning off my 250gb and being able to use it as storage. If someone could tell me it would be nice thank you.
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  1. Try this. Not sure if you checked already but if there is a jumper on the pins on the back of the ide hd take it off it might be set to master taking it off will set it to slave . Then I would change your sata drive to sata1 check your motherboard diagram to see which one it is. Then in your bios under harddisks make sure your sata hd is first. make sure under boot you have it set to hard drive. See if that fixes you problem.
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