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Lately my laptop has been getting the blue screen of death on almost a regular basis, so I did a check disk...which froze at 14% (I ran it twice and the result was the same). So I connected the hd to another pc and used partitionmagic to scan it. Turns out there are 2 errors, there might be more but after the second one the scan automatically stops.

All it tells me is a section where the error is and that I should consult the online user manual (which holds no relevant information). So, my plan is to delete the partition (with partitionmagic), format the hd, and let the install cd do the rest. Will that fix the errors or bad sectors?
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  1. it will only circunvent the problem... if it's in warranty exchange it... and backup your data ASAP... it might not fail for months or even years but its already dying...
  2. I know, I'm planning on getting a new one but I won't be able to for some time, for now I need a temporary solution. But my two primary concerns are 1) I won't be able to reinstall windows or create a new partition (I had this problem before installing the current partition) 2) if it does work, the errors won't be fixed.

    So for now I need to just fix the errors. Worst case, I won't be able to get a new HD for a month+.

    Also, I've already got all my data backed up...since I already know its unstable :(
  3. Your HD MFG should have some diags / repair tools on their website.
  4. They have tools, but none for the model I have. Unfortunately even if they did have tools that let me scan the drive, the drive won't let anything scan'll freeze then crash
  5. if your drive is still under warranty, set up an RMA, and return it. but not before getting the data off, and finding the right program can be time-consuming, especially if your HDD is having physical defects (and freezes). I recently had the same problem, and I got a program called Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery. it works, but it can be slow, glitchy, prone to random freezing, and is quite expensive for the quality of the product, which is just below mediocre. Either way, you need to fix your problem fast before worse problems develop.
  6. ._.

    If it was still under warranty, I would have gotten a new one months ago when it first started glitching, freezing...and of course the blue screen I got (the first one) would have nudged me to get a replacement. But the warranty ran out a year ago.

    As for the data, like I mentioned earlier, its backed up. And as for recovery programs, recover my files (getdata) is my first choice.

    And fixing the problem, it would be nice if I had any clue to how. If you have any suggestions as to how I go about it I'm all ears (eyes, in this case though >_>).
  7. the first thing you should have done is to run scandisk from dos windoze chkdsk never fixes anything and it never did even in dos,,sometimes there are software errors that look like hdd errors,and can be fixed ,sometimes,by scandisk,it has saved my bucket more than once,now then if you have everything backed up go ahead and fisk it and reformat,BTW,, there are generic utilities that can examine and repair a hdd like gibson's spinrite,takes forever though,you might check out for free utilities..:)
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