Is my RAM going to limit my ability to OC?

Hi everyone.

Noob to OC'ing, and have a quick question.
I want to squeeze some more juice out of my PC, and am considering purchasing a mobo (GIGABYTE GA-P35-S3G LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard) and also a Thermalright Ultra-120 heatsink in order to OC.

Here is my current setup, for reference-

Intel E6300 Core 2 Duo (1.86 GHz)
4 GB RAM (2 stock 1GB PC-4200 sticks, 2 Kingston 1GB PC-4200 sticks)

Now my question is- since my RAM is only running at 533MHz, will that severely hamper how much I can OC? What can I expect to achieve from the E6300 and that mobo using such slow RAM? My goal is 3.0 GHz, or at least come close. Is this attainable, or is my RAM simply too crappy?

All suggestions welcome!

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  1. Yes, your RAM will likely limit your FSB to 2x533MHz, or 1066MHz, which is the stock FSB for your e6300. However, it'll be hard for your CPU to get close to 3GHz, because of its low multiplier. Running it at 1333MHz FSB (2.33 GHz) should be pretty straightforward with the stock CPU cooler.

    Since you are buying a new MB and will need new RAM, too, here's what I would do: instead of buying the Ultra-120, which may give you MB issues due to its lack of secondary cooling, buy an e2180 CPU instead. Using your e6300's stock CPU cooler, the e2180 should be able to reach 3GHz no problem. Give away the e6300 to win friends and influence people.
  2. Eek...
    2.33 GHz is a lot lower than I was hoping to hear.

    I really don't have much money to blow on this...would I be better off just spending the extra cash on the E8400 that I've been eyeing up? Honestly, the stock mobo is pretty decent. The only reason I want to get an aftermarket one is to be able to OC, so that I can improve my PC without spending $200 on a new processor. (the mobo I mentioned is only $75 at newegg)
  3. Well, you'll have to buy new RAM for the e8400 anyway (and perhaps a new MB, if your current one doesn't support a 1333MHz FSB).
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